Review: Brush Pilot Helps Mac Users Manage Their Collections of Photoshop Brushes

I guess you could say that I have a rather large collection of Photoshop brushes in my design arsenal. As you’ve probably realized by now, I love Photoshop brushes. I create a lot of them and give them away on my website but I also download a lot of brushes as well. Since I have such a large library I’ve found that I frequently lose track of some of my brushes or can’t find the set I’m looking for. There are a lot of reasons for this but my main gripe is that Photoshop doesn’t really give us any way of quickly browsing through our brush libraries without loading them manually. As you probably already know, this takes time and when you’ve finally got your set loaded you have to squint just to see which brush you’d like to use. This is bad!

Introducing Brush Pilot for Mac

If you follow a lot of the design websites out there you probably already know about Bittbox. Bittbox is a great design site run by Jay Hilgert. Last week Jay had a big announcement, the release of a new Photoshop brush browser for Mac. Brush Pilot is a lightweight, fast Photoshop brush previewer for OSX. It instantly finds all your brushes, fast; it separates uninstalled brushes from installed brushes, it enables single click installation into all Photoshop versions on your machine, it reveals file locations in the Finder, and allows you to view names and pixel dimensions of each brush. Brush pilot can be yours for just $15 USD. For more information visit






Don’t Have a Mac? Try Preset Viewer

If you’re not on a Mac but would like to be able to browse the Photoshop brushes on your PC. Check out Preset Viewer, one of the sponsors of my website.

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