Screencast: How to Customize Your Default Illustrator Brush Settings

Customizing your default Illustrator brush settings can save you loads of time. How many times have you opened your brush palette in Illustrator only to see the same tired, old, default, Illustrator brushes that you have probably never used? If you are like most, probably a lot. The default Illustrator brushes that you see are there as examples, not really for professional use. In fact, Adobe actually wants you to customize them; even though instructions on how to do so are often vague and hard to find.

In this 5 minute video tutorial I will demonstrate how to customize your default Illustrator brush palette to only display the brushes that you actually use. In addition, I will show you how to make custom Illustrator brush sets, like the ones available on this site persistent; to display at startup every time you open Illustrator.

Editor’s note: make sure you back up your default brushes before you make any changes just in case you decide you need them in the future.

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