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When it comes to technology, there truly are a lot of sites out there. Many tech sites focus on the business of technology. Who is buying who, mergers, stock prices, start ups; but only a few sites ignore all that and truly focus on what matters, the tech.

I will be honest, I’m quite interested in the business of technology. I frequent most of the popular technology websites out there and periodically fall victim to all the drama behind some of technology companies. Occasionally, however, I just want to know about a new product; is there a new game changing product? Does it work? Is it worth the money? Should I wait to upgrade? These are the things I really want to know about technology so needless to say, I was excited when my friends from Web Designer Depot let me know about their new website


I have always had a lot of respect for Web Designer Depot. They have done a lot for the design community and they have done it in a short amount of time. So I am pretty confident that they can achieve the same success for Techi as they have for Web Designer Depot using the same philosophy that has brought them success from people like you and me.

So what can you expect to see on Techi? Expect to see several articles per day that cover topics ranging from Apple, Design, Facebook, Gadgets, Gaming, Google, Hardware, Lifestyle, Microsoft, Mobile, Robotics, Software, and Twitter; basically all the topics that you would expect, minus the boring stuff. You may also expect to see some fantastic editorial content to help make sense of the latest in tech news.

I was excited to see Techi take their site’s design seriously with some slick typography and some really insane looking banner ads. Definitely, check out, bookmark it, subscribe to it, and of course follow it on Twitter.

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