Textures: Waves Part 3 and 4

Today, I am releasing Parts 3 and 4 of the Waves set.  Parts 3 and 4 include 73 high resolution textures of waves in various states.  I like these sets a lot because they show so much water movement, lots of bubbles and light reflection.  They are great images to use for any kind of graphic where you need moving water flowing over sand or some kind of rock.

Waves Part 3 preview

As always, here are the rules:

  1. You may not sell these textures to others;
  2. You may not distribute these textures;
  3. Show me the end result of your work if you can.  I’d love to see what you guys do with them.

You may download Parts 3 and 4 below.  Included are both parts in separate downloads.  Set 3 contains 35 images, Set 4 contains 38 images.


Part 3

Waves Part 3 preview

Download Waves Part 3 as a ZIP File (53.4 MB).

Part 4

Waves Part 4 preview

Download Waves Part 4 as a ZIP File (38.1 MB).

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