160 Retro Line Illustrator Brushes

This is probably the biggest set of retro line Illustrator brushes you’ve ever seen online. I went a little crazy and put together a HUGE collection of Retro-Style Illustrator Brushes for you guys to download and use in your work for free! What’s even crazier is that I plan to release even more in the coming weeks! In this set you will find 160 retro line Illustrator brushes. Each brush has a unique color scheme and should come in handy when you need to create a quick set of retro lines. The hardest part will be deciding which ones to use.

To use these brushes you will first need to download the brush file and save it to your hard drive.  Once downloaded open up your brush palette and in the fly out menu Select Open Brush Library > Other Library > and locate the file on your hard drive.  I saved the brush file back to Illustrator CS.  So you should be fine using these brushes from CS to CS3.

Once you have the brush file open start drawing lines and apply the brush to it.  You can change the stroke size to your needs.  The preview image above only shows an example of what is possible with these brushes; below, you can see some additional ways to apply these brushes.

Download Retro Lines | 79 KB

Grant Friedman

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