Use 9-Slice Scaling in Adobe Fireworks CS4 to Scale Objects Without Distortion

I’m sure most of you have probably attempted to scale an object in Illustrator or Photoshop with rounded corners. If so, you have probably noticed how Photoshop or Illustrator can distort the rounded corners on your objects. This is a frustration that many designers are faced with. Fireworks however has a really nice solution for this problem; the 9-Slice Scaling Tool.

The 9-Slice Scaling tool can be used to transform any object or symbol without distorting important areas like corners. In this 4-minute video tutorial I will demonstrate how to use the 9-Slice Scaling Tool to transform a button in Fireworks. In addition, I will also show how to save these settings in a button symbol.

Video Tutorial


Below is a screenshot of the image that we will be manipulating.


Grant Friedman

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  • JC

    Great screencast…I don’t use fireworks much, but this looks really helpful. THX!

  • This is a pretty handy feature. I wish this functionality was part of Photoshop. It still takes more time to move my button into Fireworks rather than adjust the vector shape when I’m already working in Photoshop. Thanks for the tip, though. I didn’t know about th3 9-Slice tool.

  • I don’t use Fireworks much either, but this is an excellent screencast. Really interesting.
    .-= Logobird Designs´s last blog ..Beyond the Brief – Undertanding a Logo Design Client =-.

  • This video would have been ‘Greek’ to me if I had not been introduced to ‘scaling’ just yesterday. I’m trying to learn Photoshop and have been taking an online course for the past 6 months from In yesterday’s class, they discussed the ‘Save for Web & Devices’ feature. The instructor showed how one can divide the image(s) into slices in order to preserve the best resolution for our purpose. What an “A-HA!” moment! Had I opened this e-mail a few days ago, it would have just been deleted, I’m sure. But, I recognised the ‘scaling’ and decided to watch. Seeing this video and the way you did the 9-slice feature, it seems that much more understood. I use CS3, but, it’s the scaling, itself, that intrigues me.

    One thing that really impressed me is that using the ‘Save for Web & Devices’, you can make your background transparent. This is a good ‘extraction’ tool. LOL I wrote about it on my blog, even.

    Thank you for this! It’s all starting to make some sense! Yay!

    .-= Su Hall´s last blog ..Freebie and Pixel ‘Removal’ Extraction =-.

  • Brilliant tut! thanks a million.. this is a real life saver.