Use InDesign’s Data Merge Feature to Create Business Cards for Your Entire Office

by Grant Friedman

on January 28, 2010

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I’m a big fan of InDesign’s Data Merge feature. Data Merge is the Adobe equivalent to Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge feature and allows you to import information contained in an Excel spreadsheet and use it in your print files. Data Merge is an incredibly powerful feature and will save you a lot of time if you have to produce large multi-page documents such as books, brochures, or direct mail pieces. In fact, I used InDesign’s Data Merge feature quite heavily during the production of my book, Retro Style Graphics. If you would like to learn more please take a look at the brief video tutorial below where I demonstrate how to use InDesign’s Data Merge feature to create business cards for an entire office of imaginary Colorburned employees.

Video Tutorial



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