Vector Freebies: Paint Brushes Set 4

I was working on a project not too long ago where I needed to replicate the look of a signature for a logo that I was working on. I spent a lot of time going through my collection of Illustrator brushes trying to find one that I liked but none of the brushes I had really excited me. So instead of using a brush I was only mildly satisfied with I decided to make my own. I ended up creating quite a few sets of brushes and I was pleased with how they all turned out; so pleased in fact that I decided to release them all to my readers for free.

As you may have noticed, the headline for this post says that I am releasing Set 4.  Where are sets 1 – 3 you ask?  Well, I haven’t released them yet.  I’m releasing them out of order because I like Set 4 the best.

Paint Brushes Set 4 contains 41 high quality Illustrator brushes as an Illustrator CS file.


Download Paint Brushes Set 4 | 772 KB

Grant Friedman

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  • John Holt

    Cool brushes. I can’t wait to put them to good use!
    Thank you

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