Webydo, The Professional Website Creator, Revolutionizing The Web Design Industry (sponsored)

We all know there two ways to make a website: with a DIY website building tool that even grandma could learn to work with, or take it to the professional level you know well, and write code. The second one might involve more effort from your part as a designer – you may also have to team up with a developer – but it will produce the best results. Hence, 74% of websites are still being created in that reliable but rather complicated manner with more than 70% of these budgets being allocated to the developer and not the designer.


Webydo is changing everything, because from a designer’s point of view, working solo to create professional websites would be a dream-come-true. This platform doesn’t mess with your high standards, quite the contrary: it’s like ‘Photoshop’ website design and publication. And we’re all very familiar with the advanced features from Photoshop, aren’t we? Webydo doesn’t fall short of that same proficiency and professional services.

This is your ticket to independence, and it’s vouched for by 30K designers already. All of them have found the means to set their prolific imagination loose and design beautiful websites, while the platform converts everything into responsive HTML code that renders an unfailing adaptability to cross-device displays.

You can create awesome websites as a free user, or with a Premium account – either way, you get access to all features. If you choose to embark on the free experience, the website will be published as a Webydo sub-domain, and you get unlimited bandwidth, 1 GB storage, and 15 pages. Premium, on the other hand, involves 2 GB of storage, unlimited pages and bandwidth, and the chance to publish the website on your own domain.

The price of Premium is just $7.9/month if billed annually, and $9.9/month if billed biannually. Readers get a special treat: 69% discount to the Premium plan for the next ten days using the coupon code:  69%WebydoColorBurnedVIP.


Let’s Get It Started

Design a website from any of Webydo’s three starting points, and choose the one which most accommodates your intentions: do you have plenty of time to spend, enough inspiration to begin with, or is the design right set in your mind and all it needs is space for expression? You’ll be the judge of that.


a)      Blank Canvas – Start from scratch and unleash you creative potential in full with the help of some very accomplished designer features. This is the perfect way to go if you know exactly what you want. You can also take your pick out of Webydo’s list of free web fonts when the time comes.


b)      Layout – Check out the templates that worked for many other designers so far, pick one out the multitude of exquisite layouts, and start to alter it to fit your particular needs. Feel free to add complex forms and text captions to images, as well as set elements’ opacity.


c)      Designs – Webydo presents you with an extended collection of brilliant designs that were used in other websites, so that you can get the extra inspiration for your project. Choose one, and then drag-and-drop your menus, shapes, videos, widgets for online stores, and images.


Apart from the splendid design process, you need to know about CMS and B2B. The CMS allows designers to designate some areas on the website where its owner can edit content independently. Furthermore, users can send invoices straight from their dashboards as part of the “Bill your client” feature, and also replace Webydo’s logo from the dashboard, CMS, client login screen, and bill, via “Build your brand”.


Go ahead and propose whatever recommendations you may have on the Participate page, or back up the existing ones that you’d like to see happen. Again, remember that a discount code now enables 69% off the first year of a Premium subscription, and that code is 69%WebydoColorBurnedVIP. Grab it and start creating freely today!


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