Why Do Designers Hate Blackberries?

by Grant Friedman

on September 5, 2008

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I don’t know about you guys but I don’t have an iPhone. I think that they are really cool devices, but they are just not for me. I used to have one of those old HP Pocket PCs, it was then when I learned to seriously despise a touch screen device. Try texting with one hand with one of those things, it’s not an easy task. I want buttons! I don’t like having to look each time I press a key to make sure I’ve pressed the right one. That makes a Blackberry the most obvious choice for me, not an iPhone.

In fact, I’ve been an avid Blackberry user for nearly three years now and I love it.  What saddens me however is how the design community seems to shy away from them.  It seems to me that no one in the design community uses them.  They surely don’t design for them but why is that?

Blackberries out-sell iPhones nearly 3-1 so why not develop background designs for them?  There’s certainly a market!  In fact, most of my friends use a Blackberry.  So, it wasn’t too long ago when one of my friends, while looking on my website, sent me an email asking me if I had any backgrounds for a Blackberry.  I felt pretty stupid because I’m a designer and a Blackberry user but I didn’t have a single Blackberry background on my site.  Anyhow, to make a long story short; I went ahead and designed one and I’ve decided to give it away to my users.  Below you can download my first Blackberry background.  iPhone users, don’t worry.  I have an iPhone version for you too!


Blackberry Version
iPhone Version

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