Win 3 Copies of Fanurio to Track Your Time and Invoice Your Clients

Most veteran freelancers and designers know that design is more than just creating logos, websites, and graphics. There is also a business aspect to design that many freelancers don’t anticipate when they first dive in to the freelance life-style. I’ve spoken to many designers and freelancers who told me that they learned the hard way early on in their career. In fact, you might be surprised how many designers still use Microsoft Excel to invoice their clients and track their time. As you can imagine, managing your finances like this can be very time consuming, error prone, and inefficient. Fortunately there are several products out there that can make this process much more efficient and less painful than doing everything by hand.

Today, our friends at Fanurio were generous enough to donate 3 copies of their software to the readers of this website. If you’re not familiar with Fanurio, their software provides freelancers with several features including time tracking, invoicing, and the ability to track the status of your invoices.

You have probably seen several time tracking applications out there. Many of them are web-based solutions that involve a monthly fee. Fanurio however is a cross-platform application that is available for a one-time fee of $59. For more information regarding this application visit Fanurio’s Website.

To win a copy of this software, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us how you would use this application.

Up for Grabs

  • 3 copies of Fanurio (1 per winner)


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us how Fanurio would help your business.
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  • Only comment once.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 6 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, August 9, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.

Good luck!

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Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • After trying out several invoice software solutions (mac.Freelance, Invoice Machine, etc) I still haven’t found one I’m completely happy with.

    However, Fanurio seems like it has the right featureset I’m searching for. I enjoyed using the trial and the fact that it can run on both my Windows machine and my MacBook Pro; makes it all the more appealing!

  • Time tracking software is something i was looking to integrate into by works. I am a graphics designer by profession and it will help me a lot

  • Mike C

    Tracking time is a must. Lost time equals lost income. To be able to do it all in one program just makes sense.

  • I’ve heard wonderful things about Fanurio and it will definitely benefit my Freelance business so I don’t have to track time in a notebook and record everything in a spreadsheet.

  • Ann

    As my new client-numbers are increasing the older ones keep asking me for small things, can you just do that, for me and this? All these minutes are leaking away and time-tracking sure would be a good thing to get me some income ;)

  • Steve Robillard

    I am organizing things in preperation of hiring an assisstant. Part of that transition is moving the admin processes to the mac. This would be one less aspect to worry about.

  • Fanurio time tracking app willl stop me quoting a buck for every hour of work!!!

  • Ryan

    I’m new to the freelance scene and Fanurio would be a great asset for me.

  • Fanurio can help me doing better estimates

  • ktycat


    I love tracking time and invoice softwares like fanurio. I like to stay organized and not waste my time, so Fanurio would be a big plus to become more productive.

  • I love time trackers but if you can invoice your clients is awesome, i like it.

    It would be very useful for my new business.
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  • I’m a Freelance designer, and Fanurio will be a good app to help me with my time.

  • I so desperately need a time tracking & billing software app such as Fanurio so I can get rid of this stack of notes & post-its piled on my desk. Plus, if I had Fanurio I could probably actually afford to purchase the software because of the increase in revenue due to time management & billing efficiency improvements! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  • brrasic

    I need time tracker. I used to many time tracker application but.. if I can use time tracker with invoice software. that’s better.

  • andres

    This software will be so much helpful that the current iphone app i am using.

  • lisa

    I am getting back into doing more freelance and a time tracking/invoice tool would be a great help.

  • A time tracker would greatly help me in pricing my product reasonably without loosing a lot of money, which is a huge asset in trying to help my husband get through college.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
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  • ooooh… Fanurio!!! Maybe I can finally get rid of my paper-based calculations and help out the environment at the same time.

    Tracking time for my projects will help me bill my clients more efficiently and save me time by referring back to my books for everything, just to write up an invoice.


  • Please Pick me :-)
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  • the all set is just huge asset for all freelancers and the feature which i fancy the most is the timetracking one.

    give it to me :-)
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  • I would like to use for my new freelance life!

    I’m thinking to open my own activity as a freelancer so …. then … whit can be very useful for me.

    Anyway your blog is amazing.

    Good luck to allñ

    Suerte a todos!
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  • Brandon Johnson

    I would love to use this for my freelance stuff! I’m not that great at book-keeping! :)

  • As of yesterday I began a local web/design business to serve small businesses in my area. Fanurio would be an invaluable tool to track everything for my clients and myself, and would allow me to stop using free systems that just can’t scale well!

    And thanks again for the presentation at the Front-End Design conference Grant!

  • Mary Vann

    I do lots of creative work, some in the digital art world with graphics and photography and some voice-over work for presentations and automated phone systems. Tracking and billing is my least favorite thing to do, and I’ve been searching for software like this!

  • just starting out freelancing this would really help me

  • I would absolutely love to win this invoicing software. I find the more clients I get, the harder it is becoming to manage everything. Having this software would lessen part of that burden. I thank you and the folks behind Fanurio for such a wonderful opportunity.

    Colorburned Rocks!

  • Scott George

    I’d use it for what it is exactly designed to do.

  • Carla

    My dad and I are just starting up our own design and marketing biz and would love to start out with this software. Would really help us out!

  • Vonnie

    Fanurio software would allow me to easily track my time, give me the tools to help me get paid, and help me to understand my business better to be more effective.

    As a new freelancer, it has all the qualities that I need in a program of this type, and sounds easy to learn, use, and customize; which makes it even more attractive. I also do pro bono a lot, and it would help me to not only learn to manage my time better with paying clients, but also be more effective in understanding what pro bono jobs I can handle at that time. So as not to get in too deep.

    This software would definitely help me in my business to help me be more efficient, have a better grasp of it, and organize myself better.

  • wow….
    great contest.

    im just startin my own freelance carrier..

    so everything whats free would help ;D

    keep up the great work …
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  • I’ve recently done a lot of research into invoicing and time tracking software and I like the mix that’s provided by Fanurio. I also like that it’s a downloadable app with a once-only payment. I expect to use it for easy, professional-looking invoices and estimates, and accurate time-tracking.
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  • Well I would look at the use of the application as a very useful resource. As I am researching what time tracking software to use right now. Hence why I am jumping at the chance to win a free copy :) Hopefully being able to try this software, full featured and free of charge will help me in making my final decision.
    [rq=260436,0,blog][/rq]My search for the best online invoicing and billing application

  • Well, this software would help me to keep everything organised so I never forget a deadline.
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  • Thank you for picking me as the winner, regards the arrangant optimist.
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  • Hi, with this tool I could experiment the project managing as a final year student in multimedia I would like to recive nice software to practice with + track my time.

  • Andrei

    Fanurio can help me managing my tasks easily, with less time spent. And it can help me to avoid all the yelling from my clients. It would be a plus to my freelance activity!

  • Jared Hoffman

    This software would greatly assist me in tracking my finances, and help me see how I am progressing as a business.

    Looks like a great piece of software and I would love to have it.

  • …you mean I could get *paid* to do this?!?!?

  • Kristin Cruser

    I juggle work, kids, two cats, and a neurotic puppy. Software that makes the administrative aspect of my freelance work go more quickly gives me more time for the creative part, and that’s the point, really!

  • Matt

    I am trying to build up my freelance business and this would be extremely helpful in doing things the right way.

  • Carla

    My dad and I are starting our own marketing biz and this would be a HUGE help in getting us started out right.

    Thanks for the offer!

  • I am yet to find a really powerful billing program that does everything i need well. typically i have one that does invoices great, while another tracks my projects well. looking forward to one i can use for both!
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  • ariyanto

    Wow, this is what i’ve looking for :D
    Great Stuff
    ~hope i win this~

  • My business is really picking up and could use the organization and management! I currently use Indesign and Bamboo Online to keep it all together but I am missing something!? This would for sure make my life easier as a Business Owner.
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  • I would like to win. Please :-)
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  • I am a freelance fashion designer, and I have recently graduated. I believe this program would give me a competitive edge in my local area, because it help me by leaving more time to focus on my creative works than tracking and the like.

  • I’m trying to convert of an old time tracking system and need to find something more robust for my projects, tasks, and the like.

  • I’m new to the freelance and it would be a great asset for me.

  • Jeff

    I’d like to use Fanurio. Why? Because I use a spreadsheet, and it sucks. Also, because it’s my birthday.

  • Brandon

    Thumbs up for simplification and stream lining processes!

  • Tamas Nagykalnai

    I am back to freelancing again and actually I am a typical “Excel guy” but I hate to update the tables, contents, summaries, columns and everything related to time tracking and invoice checking, week by week, so I should try every single little tool to help me save time and – of course – some nerve-cells.

  • Too cool…a giveaway. I am a freelance webdesigner so that should explain it all how much useful this application would prove to be. Right now I do not use any application for tracking invoice, payments and work progress of clients so this is something that I need quite badly..

    Hoping to win! :)

  • Freelance fashion Designer starting own business, and the use of this product may bring incredible results for me.

  • Fanurio would be a great asset for me.