Win 500 Free Business Cards From Make Me Cards (x2)

Hello everyone! Guess what? Today, we’ve got another fantastic business card giveaway; this time sponsored by our friends at Make Me Cards. Make Me Cards is an online printer that specializes in business cards and offers a wide range of services including same day shipping, custom printing requests, and even custom design services.

Today, Make Me Cards is giving away a set of 500 Offset Printed Full Color UV Coated Business Cards to 2 lucky Colorburned readers. To enter, just leave a comment below and tell us what you would use your cards for.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us what you would do with your free cards.
  • Only comment once.
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  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 5-day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, February 19, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • This contest is open to U.S and Canadian residents only.
Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • I would use some cards to promote my youth ministry program. I can haz?

  • Dom

    I’ll use the cards to jump start my post-graduation career after this September. Hey, a student needs all the help she can get!

  • Poor college student; would help save me some money!
    I could use these for my photography and design services.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    .-= Ryan O. Hicks´s last blog ..Case Study of the Amanda Photo Composite =-.

  • Ekaterina

    With these cards I would promote myself as a designer& It would really help my work in Russia. Thnks.

  • Voodoo Panda

    I would spread the word about the brand new agency I just found. It would be a great help

  • Oh oh! Enter me, enter me! Personal business cards would be nice.
    .-= Chris Risse´s last blog ..9 Favorite Designs on MySoti =-.

  • I’m in ;)

    I would win these Business Card to promote myself ! i’m a graphic 3D student !

    Nice Giveaway.
    .-= bobmartien´s last blog ..Eun Hee Choi aka 97bzo & Hyung Jun Kim aka K.jun =-.

  • I would use the business cards for my new freelance web design i have just started doing.

  • I would use them to network my graphic design meetup group…

  • Ryan

    I just started my freelance company and would love to have some business cards to pass around, thanks for the contest!

  • Nice Giveaway. Am in.

  • Would be great for my friend Emily whom I’m designing biz cards for!

  • Ric

    I’ll give the cards to my father for his business with a new design I’m doing for him.

  • I would use these cards to advertise my web design services.

  • I would use them to promote myself when trying to find summer jobs :)

  • dennis

    i m going to use my cards to promote my Livelinks designing studio i m freelancer designer in a small town of India so i want to full fill my dream

  • i’d use these to promote my new blog. yeah!

  • I’m fairly new to graphic design and need to get my name out there. Would love to win a set. Thank you for the opportunity!
    .-= Anne H.´s last blog ..Zazzle Presidents Day Weekend Sale – Get 30% Off! =-.

  • Jean

    I am a soon-to-be college freshman whose income consists of freelance gigs. I use cards to promote myself.

    An offer for something I use regularly use + the word “Free” combined with my soon to be broke status because of my college tuition. And you ask why would I want this?

  • I would replace my work business cards with something I designed!

  • I would use them to create a unique business card tutorial.
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..News, Tutorial Updates, and What’s To Come =-.

  • I would tile a wall with them and when clients come in, I could just pull one off the wall and hand them it so they have my information. Of course, I would also carry a handful of them to give out to anyone and everyone I could.

  • I’m currently designing business cards, postcards and one-sheet fliers for several new clients. I want to use online printing services, and would love to be able to show them an example of how their cards would print by giving them one of mine.

  • I need some new business cards, my old ones have my old address, number and services on it…so I never use them.
    .-= Amber Weinberg´s last blog ..Get Your Clients To Stop Comparing Rates =-.

  • miss crowland

    I would use these to promote one of my Etsy shops!!

  • HI THERE !! ; *)

    ? • ???¨*.¸¸.? ?

  • I’d give them away to my brother so he can get some cards for his new side-business, Cubicle 6 Software & Design. He’s paying for a new little son instead of business cards, & since he’ll contract me to do a bit of the design when he gets projects, I’m more than happy to help him out. ; )

    Check out his website:
    .-= Christa Holland´s last blog ..Happy Valentine’s Day (Almost) =-.

  • I would obviously promote my business, but also win as many free lunches for my colleagues as possible by dropping them in the fishbowls at Pot Bellies and Chipotle restaurants.

  • I’d use them to promote by software and web design company, Cubicle 6.

    The previous poster, Christa Holland, is my little sister. I’m the brother that would get the business cards if she won them.

    And yes I’m paying for a new little son. Who is awesome! And really loud sometimes.

  • I would like to make a set or two of small puzzles that I could put on these cards and leave them in boring places for people to solve. Once solved, they’ll be hankering for more puzzles, and I shall lure them to my puzzle web site and it will be epic.


    That or some other sort of promotion of my puzzle-creating/web design/user experience design/graphic design/knitting/math tutor business… situation… job… thing… freelancing.


  • I would use them to start getting more free lance business.

  • Alysha

    I just designed my first business card and would love to got it printed so I can give it out for networking.

  • lb

    i would use business cards to give to parents at concerts. on the cards would be 10 easy ways to protect their childrens hearing.

  • I would love to be able to help a friend of mine who is just started as a freelance designer. It would really help jump-start her career!

  • Jaclyn Eichelberger

    I would definitely get my name out there as much as I could. Putting cards in random places like books, coffee shops and what not. Anything to get my name out there, being a poor college student, anything would help!

  • I’m in. I would replace my outdated cards!

  • I’d use it for our nonprofit organization (fundraising for the local library).
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..GROW’s First Event: Concert =-.

  • Amy

    You can always use more business cards!!

  • I am launching my new website @ this week and will be focusing on marketing within the next two weeks. It would be a welcome treat to not have to pay for business cards while I push the website and the design services I have to offer.

  • I would use them to promote my biz. Thanks!

  • i would use them to promote my art. im too poor to afford to buy business cards. i make and sell art, if you want to take a look its in my flickr.
    .-= carla fraser´s last blog guy =-.

  • Jay

    I’d use them as a reward for a graduating student in the Advertising and Graphic Design program where I teach.

  • VikingKen

    A pro bono account that I am helping provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to be creative and share their talent and abilities with the community through art. The organization mentors these amazing artists giving them the platform to create one of kind pieces for resale. The artists keep the profits from the sale of the art. If I were lucky enough to win – I would use it to help them.

  • We would use them to promote some new internet marketing services we are offering.
    .-= Bill @ Edward Rayne´s last blog ..Content Strategies =-.

  • Simone Baker

    I’ve greatly admired your site, blog, FB AND Twitter posts for a while now and always am impressed @ your taste and talent.
    Having professionally designed cards would mean much to a starving graphic artist/photographer in establishing my identity here in my community as far as looking worthy to the general business population. My town NEEDS a graphic makeover and I want to give it to them!
    Thanks for the consideration!

  • I would use the card to promote my freelance writing/website design services.

  • John

    I would use the cards to promote the Kentucky Seminole Club.

  • Mare

    This would help my daughter’s not-for-profit choir promote their talents/performance through the use of free business cards!! DoReMiFaSoLaTeDo … Hurray!!

  • kat

    It would help me promote myself. I’m graduating from webdesign program and have high competition, but I know I can do it :)

  • Lisa

    I’m unemployed and trying to get some clients for my freelance design business. I just moved so my old cards are useless.

  • I’d used these business cards to promote myself as a graphic design to get more clients and get money to eat some food. Life hasn’t be easy, but as a freelance designer you have to hustler out here and be on top of your game. I also can drive clients to make their print orders from Make Me Cards dotcom so Make Me Cards grow as I grow as well. Have a good day.
    .-= Antonio´s last blog ..Pepito le escribe al niño Jesús: =-.

  • deez79

    Awesome giveaway. I would use to help launch my new side project.

  • I recently discovered a cool way of Guerilla Marketing. I would use them to make cards for my recently launched wedding photography business. I would then take the cards and insert them in wedding magazines and wedding planning books at local bookstores and grocery stores. Please oh please oh please pick me. This would be a big help for my tiny little budget of $0 for marketing.

  • LOL @ CreativePhotoKC – Becareful you don’t get caught doing that…

    I could use some new cards. I have a new site coming up and it would be great to have some cards to go with them for promotion.

    Good luck to us all….

  • Nice giveaway ! I would use it to make business cards for a new website that I’m currently working on.
    .-= Francois´s last blog ..Gamer =-.

  • C. Vandenberg

    Thanks for doing this … I have a fledgling photography / graphic art business and would use the cards to promote it by passing them out where ever & whenever possible (in other words, lots of people will be seeing your cards)

  • I need the cards. Really. I don’t have a problem. I’m not in denial. Can’t you see I just need the cards? They help me think.

  • Hernán

    I’d like to use the cards in order to start promoting my website.

    Thanks :D

  • I’m just starting to sell handmade crafts online and I’d love to have some cards to hand out to promote my shop. Thanks!
    .-= Alice Carback´s last blog ..Dice Bag =-.

  • i would use them for my freelance motion/ graphic design “buisness” and to promote myself as a playback artist as well. then i would take them all and build a sweet card house out of them and send you a picture.

  • Marshall A. Latimore

    I’m definitely interested in winning the 500 free biz cards!


  • Shawn Vannortrick

    I would put an arrow on them and it would say “look that way!” and leave tons of them everywhere not pointing at anything.

  • I am a Graphic Designer and I am currently helping out a friend brand her new up and coming bakery. This has been a dream of hers for a long time and she is finally ready to take on the challenge. She is super talented, but on a very tight budget. I know that business cards would help her get her company’s name and treats out there, and the design wouldn’t hurt either ;-)

  • I am a graphic designer so luckily I can design my own cards, which i have… I needed some quick for fashion week to kind of promote my blog… and send them out like an idiot to receive them just in time for nyfw and they turned out AWFUL… terrible floppy paper and the damn logo was off center even though it’s perfectly centered in my files :( makes me cry

    i’m in desperate need of some quality business cards!

  • Sue Densmore

    I love your giveaways!

    I’d love some new cards which include all the info I want on them – including some extra links and such. Some of the “stock” cards are limited.

  • Susan K

    I need volunteers to practice on since I’m taking an Alternative Health Program. Need some cards with my contact info and a request to contact me if someone is interested.
    I tweeted

  • Well a school project unexpectedly produced a new umbrella for the work that I want to do. It’s still in the logo design stage so new business cards would be sweet!

  • Danielle

    I hate not having cards or money to print them >.< I have to network!(life of a design student trying to make it)

  • L.Fer

    Starving student.. business cards are just out of my budget right now, so it would help a lot.!

  • Ruben

    Promos, promos, promos!