Win a 2 TB External Hard Drive from @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned

Hello everyone! By now I’m sure you’ve already guessed that today we’re hosting yet another amazing giveaway. This time we’ve partnered with our friends at Media Militia. You may recognize Media Militia from a recent contest that they held on Abduzeedo and Bittbox or you may recognize them as the source of some pretty awesome freebies, tutorials, and all around design goodness. Either way, today, Media Militia has a tasty treat in store for 1 lucky Colorburned reader.

In my time as a designer I’ve discovered that you can never have too many resources in your design arsenal and you can never have too much storage space to save it all on. That is why Media Militia is providing a Western Digital 2TB My Book Studio Edition II External Hard Drive ($269 value) filled with Media Militia Freebies to 1 lucky reader of this website.


To win this ridiculously awesome prize all you have to do is:

Additional Rules

  • To reduce spam we ask that you only enter this contest 5 times.
  • This is a 5 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, September 4, 2009.

To learn more about this awesome prize you can check it out on Amazon’s website. Also, check out Media Militia’s Website. They have some really nice free resources available there. Good luck everyone and thank you for participating!

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Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • CaySedai

    I would back up my photos, college homework, web sites and family history on the hard drive.

  • ipostfirst

    I am recently in shortage of backup memory, and a 2TB ext HDD would be more than enough! (I am a web designer!)

  • I totally need this as my old 80gig is running out of space! I need a new place to that all my design things can call home… Or a backup home, kind of like homes rich people have just in case something happens to their old one :P

  • What would I use it for? To backup the ever growing photo and video database of photos of my (soon to be) 1yr old. I’m running out on my 500gb drive. That’s what I get, I guess, for shooting in RAW.
    [rq=484004,0,blog][/rq]ngassmann: Win a 2 TB External Hard Drive from @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned

  • Luis Fernando Cervantes

    I would backup my mac a thousand times.!!!

  • I really want and need this!
    I would really appreciate it.
    But I need it because I am trying to launch a website.
    Also I make educational screen cast’s. I have no place to store my screen cast’s or pictures. My hard drive is running out of room. I would really appreciate this blessing.

  • Elyjah Wilbur

    I would use this hard drive to back up and store all of my digital video and audio content for my films/documentaries/media content.

  • Wow, is great. I needed a HD,right now :) thanks for the oportunity, I hope win :P
    [rq=484045,0,blog][/rq]Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo de 32GB

  • I would put my hi res photo files on a 2tb hd… & go take MORE photos to put on that 2tb HD… If I were to win a 2tb hd that is.

  • scottishsimon

    I’ve already got a 500GB MyBook, so a 2TB one would look sweeeeet next to it, coz my 500GB is full of PSDs!


  • I would use the 2TB to back up all my thoughts and ideas.. :)
    Well, not all really, most of the space would go to my freelance work and designer tools!!

  • I would use this to store up the videos we make for our church and personal videos i make for my blog. This will help reduce the clutter from my mac. Thank You.
    [rq=484390,0,blog][/rq]I can only imagine

  • This is great! Nice giveaway Colorburned and Media Militia! I’ve almost used all my storage space, which I use for my webdev projects (and some MP3’s which I listen while coding and designing). So I could really use this one!

  • Dude, seriously, 2 TB ? :)
    Count me in :D
    [rq=484416,0,blog][/rq]20 Cool Backgrounds

  • I’m just starting out with my design, web company/audio recording and video editing.. this would be perfect.. i have a few 200gig drives that are sooo close to being full right now its not funny and my mac book pro is full…

    ps. loving the posts on this site. *thumbs up* keep up the good work.
    [rq=484417,0,blog][/rq]I’m back online!

  • My main computer just crapped it. I need to transfer everything to somewhere!! This would be a godsend. Seeing my money-grabing motorbike just stole my wallet for yet more bling!

  • Annette

    I would definitely use the drive to finally get all my photographs organized.

  • Casey

    I would store all my photos from photography class, race events and I would also use it to back up my car/livery designs.

  • Ritam Das

    I will backup my big Photoshop elements,flash projects,3d animations, illustrator,creative videos,tutorials,designing tutorial and many more.Don’t forget about my whole website backup!!! It will very cool.

  • MK

    My current externals are pretty tiny — barely enough for a few Time Machine backups and some duplicates of important files. I really need somewhere to keep everything without burdening my internal drive.

  • I’m a film student, and 720p footage takes up a butt load of space. I can always use the extra 2TBs!

  • I will use the hard drive to store all of my graphical and webdev stuff.

    Thanks guys, it’s a great giveaway!!!

  • Well, I’m a junior web designer so these resources would very much come in hand. And the hard drive? I’m already running out of space; storage is bliss.

  • I will back up my photos in raw format

  • Wow! I would really love this drive for my .raw fotos that take up to 120GB on my laptop drive now!

  • Abhiram Kaushik R

    I am a budding designer and am overwhelmed by the content provided by design blogs all over the net. The pain they take to give out quality content is seriously appreciable. I am subscribing to more than 40+ design blogs at the moment and would back up tutorial, freebie, brush or inspirational artwork to the last bit ! ( currently my SATA 250 GB is filled with 140 GB of design resources , and its not enuf ! )

  • I need new hard drive, cuz my is fu*ked up :D …

  • Sam

    I’d use this drive to backup my collection of scanned film and digital photo files as well as all my digital media which I’ve lost three times now due to crashing internal hard drives. I’d also use it to backup important files, templates and photos belonging to the college newspaper I work on.

  • I would love to have an external HDD

  • Rafal Hirsz

    I would constantly backup my computer on that 2TB :D

  • I’d love this harddrive. I’ve recently purchased an iMac, and already the 640gb harddrive is filling up with all the huge 300mb photoshop files I have on my system! Winning this would be a tremendous help! ;)
    [rq=485051,0,blog][/rq]A Closer Look: 25 Incredible Super-Close Macro Shots

  • I would luv to have 2 TB , very ,uch required for the tons of photographs especially the RAW photos, video screencasts of web design and the web design i have done so far…
    [rq=485111,0,blog][/rq]Video Editing: 30 Free Tools And Web Services To Get Things Done

  • Hi,
    Great contest! I need HDD. I’m follow @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned, i’m RT:
    [rq=485123,0,blog][/rq]warstwycom: Win a 2 TB External Hard Drive from @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned

  • I will backup my projects and photos in raw format.
    [rq=485162,0,blog][/rq]PHP: creare una tabella con righe di colori alternati con Smarty

  • Violetta

    Never again would I have to worry about saving space and losing my stuff. What a joy!

  • This is a great harddrive and is a perfect companion to Macs. I will use this as a Time Machine back-up on my Mac.

    Thanks for this!
    [rq=485258,0,blog][/rq]Ext Core: Ext.Fly ve Flyweight

  • I would use it to intimidate my colleagues; I would put it on my desk at work and label it “Scandinavian Hardcore” but actually I will fill it (and another one, almost) with my amazing collection of pebble-dash textures.

  • David Shawe

    I would fill this Hard drive with Pictures, Stock, Movies, Music, tuts, website designs, psds, work stuff, uni work, film footage in HD, =D lots of stuff. Would absolutely adore 2TB for free. Awesome.

  • Bronwyn

    I’ve not ever owned an external hd, this would be fantastic for backing up all my 3d scene files and content (which all take up way tooo much room on my computer)

  • I would use it for highest quality design resources.

  • Space running very tight. Most likely would use it to back up my mac via time machine. Great stuff, thanks.

  • i would use this to store all my textures, there taking atleast have of my hdd space as we speak!

  • I will use it for my MacBook TimeMachine :-)

  • Steve Painter

    Really nice product, will look great against my Mac Mini and with the reliability of a WD drive

  • my Hard Drive is almost full right now, so I could use 2TB :)
    [rq=485574,0,blog][/rq]Create a grunge metallic photo frame in Photoshop

  • Luca Santirocco

    I need it! :D

  • I’d use this to back up my stash. Now that I’ve gone into print design I have a ton of hi-res files and my good ol’ Powerbook can’t handle it. My external is small, and I need to get hooked up with something like this prize. Thanks for the contest!

  • Ken

    I would give it as a gift to my mom, she has SO many computer games and is running out of room! Just to see her reaction to receiving such a gift would be priceless. :)

  • I would love to sue it to store all my designing work….

  • I would use the drive to store my graphics and photos. :)

  • Morgu3

    Ok, after following both on twitter and tweet this I’m here to comment. what would I use it for? To backup all of my unfinished artwork :)

  • Hi! would be fantastic win one of this, cause I have to buy one .. so .. I will wait to buy .maybe I will win this!
    [rq=485669,0,blog][/rq]Optimize your wordpress blog for search engines

  • I will use the external drives as the end-stage for all my external drives so I can donate the smaller drives to my sister’s school and the other to a parochial school near the house
    [rq=485679,0,blog][/rq]Reading POSt: why the new Starbucks concept store will fail

  • I would use the drive as yet another place for backup. Also, I would probably put my download folder there. I’m pretty sure I could come up with some more uses for 2 TB. Yeah, I’d find it a use. :D

  • I need this sooo badly…btw thanx in advance :P

  • arminas

    I would use it for rsync backups (from personal photos to work) and of course for the downloads folder :)

  • Sergi

    I’d use it to store my large collection of photos to free up my Hard Disk space

  • Finally, I would never have to worry about losing my info again.
    After going thru several computers in the last few years, losing my precious info keeps me awake at night…

  • I will backup my Photoshop source files, all my music and photos.

  • I would use it to backup all my graphic files and my client and business data

  • If I win this HDD, i will store my graphic files and photos…. :)
    [rq=486010,0,blog][/rq] Kracher des Tages das Mexiko Alien

  • I need it because I spend 10 minutes jabbing my power button on my current external to get it to go on every time I have to move it!
    [rq=486047,0,blog][/rq]My summer as an archaeologist.

  • I have old, intact internal hard drives from CPUs that fell apart. A new HDD would help me put all files into one, then I wouldn’t have to drag all those bricks around! A little organizational help would put me on the road to a peace of mind! Here’s my tweet: !

    Thanks for hosting this contest, @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned!
    [rq=486091,0,blog][/rq]"But it smells like GRASS!" Smoothie

  • I would use this drive to expand my backup devices storage, and replace the drive that died last week.
    [rq=486296,0,blog][/rq]Hello world!

  • Thanks for the awesome prize this time. I am a photographer and I graphic designer! I will surly use it as my storage for all my work and designs.

    Thank and regards…
    Khaled Mosli

  • Thanks for hosting this awesome contest, Grant!

    With this external hard drive I would be able to properly backup my computer. My external drive has already reached its limit. I could really use the room for my photography and stock graphics as well!
    [rq=486613,0,blog][/rq]Wolverine Rips the Competition a New One, Bub

  • This would totally hold all of my monkey pron!

  • Edward Cantrell

    This is a nice giveaway item… I am running out of spaces! I love Western Digital My Book line. If I get it, I will use it to hold all of my web designing works as well as to hold my audio/video libraries.

  • Joel Osborn

    I would do backups of all my kid’s school projects. I don’t tweet, so I hope a comment is sufficient.

  • I could store all of my TPS reports on this bad boy!

  • Holy sweet contest – This thing would make my life much easier, it’d be nice to be able to store quite literally anything. I’m so sick of keeping everything stored on DVD’s, worry if I might lose something…. it’d be much easier with this!

  • lisa

    I would use it to back up my photos and projects. Thanks!

  • Erin Potter

    I could use the 2TB drive to consolidate the 4 external hard drives I have right now. Pick me! Pick me!

  • Hubert

    Everything! music collection, family history, photos, websites, movies, all my design work.

  • I would slam that puppy full of Animation renders, video, motion graphics and lots of Digital Art. Not to mention the ZBrush models that I make and Second Life digital content that I create as well. As you may have guessed – I keep myself very busy. ;)

    2TB MIGHT last a year with me if I’m conservative.
    [rq=486976,0,blog][/rq]Photoshop Fire brushes FREE!

  • I would replace my piece of crap 1TB external hard drive that got corrupted and ruined a lot of my photos and other design work. I’m a designer and photographer. Thanks for the awesome contest guys!

  • Backup, backup, backup!!!

  • Richard Rudy

    With 2TB I could consolidate my Multiple External Photo Archives and still have room for more. Yay!

  • Holy Goodness, what WOULDN’T I use it for? It’s 2 TB! I am a freelance designer who probably isn’t protecting myself enough. I’d backup my hard drive and throw it in my fire proof safe.

  • mottiden

    A designer always needs more space in his pc…it is like abstinence from drug :D

    I would use it to back up all the Internet.
    …yes I can fit it in!

  • I would finally enable time machine on my mac!

  • alex matthews

    i would love to win this to back up my photos and videos to get my laptop a little more clean… respectable i think…

  • apex

    I could find the use for the nice designed box, I don’t need the spinning plates inside :)

  • I’d love to win this, need extra space so bad, I have 5 external hard drives holding like 50-60 gigs each, and they are several years old! Duplicates everywhere, I just hate it.

    Unless…..If only I had one spot to rule them all….

  • I would back up all my web designs and code and finally free up some HD space on my workstation.
    [rq=487216,0,blog][/rq]5 Basic Principles to Improve Pagerank

  • I want it¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • I will use it for a long due backup!

  • I could do with this to back up all my designs and code on as I have no means of backup so if a hard drive dies, I’m dead meat!
    Really hope I could win :)

  • I’ve been doing music production (specifically mixing/mastering) for over a year now, and just started getting into video editing, so I have a lot of audio and video files to work with, including audio loop libraries.

    I have also been designing the art work for the album covers and recently started doing logos for people again.

    So this external hard drive would be ideal to use for all my audio/video/design project files, audio libraries, and stock photos & design elements.

    Since the drive is already formatted for a Mac, I can just plug it into the Mac that I use for all my production/design work and start using it right away.
    [rq=487205,0,blog][/rq]Pumping Up the Video

  • I would use it for all my movies, games, music and my big libary of ebooks.

  • Patricia Davidson

    I would love to have this for my photography and other digital files. Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Well since my macbook harddrive has crashed twice on me in the past year, I would most definitely use the wonderful 2 TB’s of storage to keep my files backed up (for a long, long time). Thanks for the great contest.
    [rq=487371,0,blog][/rq]What I’m Not

  • JR

    2TB are you serious… entered and will be entering daily.

    i can finally consolidate the 4 external drives that i am currently using, definitely making freeing space for the “extra” stuff… ;-P

  • I have loads and loads of media and my 1 TB full pc does cannot bear further disks anymore. I now need to go external and this prize would be great for this.
    [rq=487393,0,blog][/rq]First showcase gallery.

  • Because you can *never* have enough space… :)
    [rq=487417,0,blog][/rq]The Mauritian Pyramids II: More Than Meets The Eye

  • i would totally use it to back up all of my porn. i could use it for work or studies, but porn is just that much cooler!

  • I would use it in combination with other home-made technology I’ve been working on to build a Flux Capacitor. Then I would go back in time to 1986 and invent the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird did.

    Then I would buy an island.

    Just think… my mega-rich past-future all lies on this one backup hard-drive. Seems too good to be true.
    [rq=487440,0,blog][/rq]Top 5 Great WordPress Plugins

  • I want to create my first company, and i NEED this HD to store PSD, videos, photos, etc.
    [rq=487444,0,blog][/rq]The Most Creative 10 Websites and Apps Built on Top of Twitter

  • Matt

    I would use it to store my designs, movies and photography

  • I am always filming and editing for church and I am always running out of disk space, this would be my work drive :-)
    [rq=487495,0,blog][/rq]phillipgibb: Win a 2 TB External Hard Drive from @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned

  • I could use the extra space. I’m constantly running out of hard drive space…
    [rq=487530,0,blog][/rq]Movie Review: District 9 (2009)

  • If I win this big monster, I would save & backup all my dad’s taken photos (with his new D90) in one place!

  • video editing, baby!… can ppl from South Africa enter?
    [rq=487606,0,blog][/rq]My Homeless Animal Day Experience.

  • I would use this to finally take over the world! Or back up my files…

  • Maryann

    Wow! How awesome is this? I would move everything from my current hard drive to this, store all my Dreamweaver files, all of my huge Photoshop files that I create web banners with, my numerous Illustrator files, you name it, it’ll go on this hard drive! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Simone B

    I would like to use this to back up my photos. I have photos of my family reaching back to the late 1800’s up to present day. My current back up book is getting a bit old and I’ve been worrying about it.
    If there was a fire it’s the only thing I’d grab besides my kids. I would appreciate this!! Will also be entering daily!

  • Who would say no to freebies AND a HD anyway?

  • Very nice! A free HD?! I love WD drives too. Thanks guys! (And thanks Jeremy for the heads-up!)
    [rq=487694,0,blog][/rq]Looking to get into the biz?

  • Olivier Beauregard

    Will get all my clients folder on it

  • Right now I have WAY more music, photos, movies, design files, ect. than I can possibly back up. When I upgraded to a 500GB in my macbook pro it made my old 200GB back up drive useless, not to mention the 300GB drive of media that was never getting the safety net of a back up drive.

    I would use this drive to completely back up all of my files so I can wipe out my system and install Snow Leopard fresh.

  • Come on… it would look gorgeous next to my new MBP! And 2TB!! Guys you know a girl can’t have too much… disk space…

    Freebies? addicted to them… better if they are all in one place… :P
    [rq=487791,0,blog][/rq]“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in…

  • OMG!!! this would be perfect for me since I am starting my new business and need a new external HD. Thank You!!!

  • I am a photographer, graphic artist, web developer and social media guru, so space is always limited and I always need more! I’d love to have something like this just to backup my systems on.

    – J

  • Maria João

    OMG! Where can I begin! The amazing freebies from Media Militia, goes without saying, are great for many works. As for the 2TB… They would be great to store my works and so many more great freebies that can be found all over the http://www...

  • Erin

    Did I say pick me?! ok, Pick me!!

  • Jonathan Tobe

    I do a lot of music related things. I DJ and record myself at full quality and I work on production of my own tracks. I would use this hard drive to have more space and maintain a backup of the work I have already produced.

  • kirsty

    I could really use this as a graphic designer for my church. I’m always needing more space when doing the church newsletters, and posters, and announcements for events. This sounds like a great deal. Thank-You so much for the opportunity to enter.

    All the Best,
    Kirsty :)

  • Brilliant! I’m really short on storage space. I have to keep burning DVDs for backups… and it’s just getting ridiculous. This would be my salvation!
    Please count me in. Cheers!

  • Hanna

    2TB is amazing, I didn’t even know external hard drives of this size existed! I would love to have this hard drive to store the photos and graphics I use for school (I’m an advertising major) and the non-profit work I do with human trafficking and global youth issues.

  • Oh man! I would use it for so many things! Back up all my photos, client work, music.

  • stealingsand

    Dewd, I’d totally backup my backups (have everything in a central location) and then I’d start doing heavier graphic work, coz right now I’m saving it in all kinds of places.

  • I do a lot of photo and video editing. I never have too much space.

  • 2Tb of space would be a welcome expansion for the various VMWare images in my lab here. Since I am part-time amateur photographer and media nerd and full-time InfoSecurity … I’m always running out of space!

    Gimmie gimmie gimmie!
    [rq=488239,0,blog][/rq]How To Spot a Phony (anti-malware vendor)

  • I need the 2TB for my video production. I have an HD camcorder thus it eats up a lot of gigs. This would benefit me a lot.

    I am also a photographer, web developer and music junky, so this is a great opportunity for me to save all my pictures in high resolution, back up all of my websites and music without having to be paranoid.
    [rq=488245,0,blog][/rq]Google Quietly Bites Facebook’s Ass

  • Since this is such a smoking hot give away I’d definitely have to fry some eggs up on it. Naw, seriously though, I’d use it to host the various media that I’ve accumulated from being 1. A web designer/graphic artist with loads and loads of photoshopping goodness and 2. The mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy with his goal in life to drive me stark raving mad with his childrens tunes and videos. Thanks for the opportunity! P.S. Help?
    [rq=488241,0,blog][/rq]Our Social Pages

  • Great contest! I would use a 2TB in two ways, to allocate virtual memory and pagefiles for my operating system and applications, and as a main file structure for a local web server to develop and test new web creations.

  • How awesome is this! Media Militia thanks for the opportunity. I would use this drive to replace my 500gb drives that take up my deskspace, and store tons of design “goodness” on for sure.

  • I would use the space to back up video footage from Avid. The on-board hard drive on my Avid station becomes so full that it becomes impossible to work without deleting valuable footage.

  • Cool prize!!!! I would use it to store my whole bunch of resources, I run out of space all the time!!! :D

  • have you ever worked with AVCHD video files? well, i have and they are huge and unwieldy. 2tb of available space would be quite nice, i think. my distaste for AVCHD grows just thinking about it…

  • I would definitely use it to backup all my RAW images as a new business in Photography.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! : D
    [rq=488621,0,blog][/rq]3 Amigas

  • Glenn Van Bogaert

    I would use the freebies to decorate my website with and the HD I definatly would use for my TimeMachine back-ups. Now I don’t do that.

  • Ami Collofello

    Oh, the things I would do with this…

    First, I would probably hug it everyday as if it were a member of the family. Then I would finally back-up my gazillion family photos, digital scrapbook layouts and designs, and web/graphic design work.

    Thanks for such a sweet giveaway!

  • backup of course.

  • I really could use some extra storage to hold all my graphics and photos I made
    [rq=488968,0,blog][/rq]Angefahren: Toyota Prius

  • This would be amazing for my freelance design job. I have been looking for a large capacity drive for all of my resources and programs. Too cool! Thanks for putting this contest out there.
    [rq=488984,0,blog][/rq]The retro gaming Mini Cooper paint job caught my eye. I want…

  • Pipo Zoft

    I would use this as storage for my works,and share file with my partners and improve our team management…Thank you

  • OMG! This is an awesome opportunity! Thanks so much for the chance to win. I am a digital scrapbooker and website designer, I could never have too much digital storage space. Believe it or not, I’ve filled up almost 1TB already, so another two will soon be needed. :)

  • I would take all the resources that I have on various backups backup drives and add them to the resources already on the hard drive. I would then would use the hard drive as the primary device for all my resources that I can take with me wherever needed.

  • Ale

    I would like this product as I have been needing to fine a way to back up my whole computer of all my work and student work that I really cannot lose!

  • Melissa

    I’ve been looking for a new external harddrive… mine is filled with old design work from college, photos and music… I’d like another one so I can use one for personal stuff and another for work documents.

  • chris wilcox

    I’d never have to worry about backing up my data (life!) on DVDs or wobbly online sources again! Rawk Colorburned/MediaMilitia! :D

  • I am quickly running out of space on my other external drives and as the busy christmas season approaches I NEED more space.

    This is a great contest, fingers crossed!

  • Rob

    My drives are so overloaded I have puddles of data dripping on the floor. What a mess. I need a hunky new drive so I can contain the onslaught!

  • I would use it to handle all the backups that i’ve on my hard drive. Being a webmaster really sucks when handling a lot of sites. My HD can’t stand it alone.. jeje.
    [rq=489435,0,blog][/rq]70000+ VISITAS!!!!!

  • Fantastic Offer….

    I deal with Digital Photos and i design with really really high resolution pictures and now itself i use nearly 320 GB HDD, 160 GB HDD and another 160 GB HDD. So it will be more usefull for me.


  • Nice giveaway ! I need one for all the photos I have to backup and the same for my wife. 2 TB should be way enough !


  • i could back up all my files in one disk, as I have everything in some computers but never all together.
    [rq=489582,0,blog][/rq]500 Custom Greeting Cards Giveaway From Digital Room

  • I would use it for my projects and also use it for backup of files.

    It would be great to have more storage because I fill it up quick.

  • This is an awesome giveaway. As a new photographer, I would so use this to back up the thousands of photographs I take.
    [rq=489610,0,blog][/rq]Wishing for…

  • I will save all my data on it. Since my laptop isn’t exactly the newest and I have 40GB hard disk, with this I’ll be able to free up my laptop and having my files always available.

    Also I’d use it for backuping some discs that I use regularly for having them in hand.
    [rq=489618,0,blog][/rq]Bawwwwwwww T^T

  • I would use the HD as an added safety net to backup client images for my photography business. Can’t be too careful when it comes to preserving others memories.

  • I would be able to fit all the video I shoot onto something. :)

  • Atrus

    For all my home videos!

  • Pretty sure my current XHD qualifies for the Cash for clunkers program, so I’m in need of a fresh powerhouse unit like this thing here! Awesome giveaway, as is usual!

  • Alex Clark

    Im and editor, and this drive would be awesome to help me in storing and organizing the videos thay i work on

  • Great giveaway !

    I would surely use it to stock all my design files, meaning stock photos, brushes, vectors, inspiration files, etc…

  • Francisco

    I will backup a lot of photos. I really need it.

  • Betsy Cypert

    I’m the unofficial historian of my family, and if my hard drive crashes, the last 10 years of our family’s Thanksgivings will be lost! I need to back up my videos and pics (and then take some more).

  • Marshall A. Latimore

    I’d definitely use the hard drive to streamline my operation and finally launch my company full-time.

  • I would use this hard drive for my new media center. WOO HOO.

  • I’m investing a lot of money into a new pc to make less time rendering my 3d work. It would be fantastic to have a nice big hd like this to use with my new pc to back up everything i create and do on it.
    [rq=490460,0,blog][/rq]Avatar and Mo-Cap or Animation??

  • Fábio

    I would like to store all my cd’s of music, my dvd’s of mp3, my movies, photos plus backup all files from my work and the files of my wife too.

  • I could use it for my video capture storage since I seem to fill up every drive around here.
    [rq=490700,0,blog][/rq]jasonwalz: Win a 2 TB External Hard Drive from @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned

  • My current 1TB drive decided to stop working with Time Machine, so having a new one would be great to let me back up my work on. Plus all the goodies inside of it would be amazing!
    [rq=490962,0,blog][/rq]35 Extraordinary Package Designs

  • I would use the freebies to help launch my career in the web design field. Having the 2tb drive will also help as i am currently backing up my files to flash drives (i am up to 40gb in lil flash drives).
    [rq=491023,0,blog][/rq]What up yo.

  • I would use this lovely best of a storage device for storing days upon days of illegally downloaded music! :)

  • Ooooohhh…Ohhhh… I would love to win the external drive so I can properly manage my photos and client files… Currently I’m juggling the photos and files between a couple hard drives and my laptop’s internal drive (never a good idea)… I’m finding myself having to even delete some photos/files to make room for current projects (a BIGGER bad idea – I’ve even lost some important memories and work – very sad ending)

    Happily retweeted:
    [rq=491601,0,blog][/rq]Twitter Updates for 2009-08-31

  • This stuff looks hot. I could use extra HDD to store all of my thousands old and current photos and as well as videos. And other stuff, too.

  • Rich Hemsley

    This would be awesome. My 500G drive just died.

  • Stephanie Guimera

    I’m a band photographer, and I take anywhere from 150-500 shots per band I shoot, in high res. I could certainly use the storage to hold my picture files! :)

  • Amy Foster

    I would use it to back up all my projects as well as the 1000s of photographs I have of my cats.

  • Not only would this 2 TB ext HD look sexy on my desk next to my MacBook Pro, but it would allow me to backup my entire website, clean up my computer to be used strictly as a work computer, and I could make a few bucks selling my 3 overpriced ext HD’s (2 80GB and 1 60GB)

    “Gimmie Gimmie! I want I want! I NEED!”
    -Bill Murray (What About Bob)

  • Oh I would REALLY store the video files in HD, including the original footage. And of course all the media files like music and stuff :)
    [rq=491898,0,blog][/rq]Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

  • maria

    I would use it to better organize my files and back up, back up, back up!

  • B

    Thanks for the great contest, hopefully this will come in handy for someone starting school, or in very need of more space.

  • I would use that awesome HD to store all of my thousands of pictures, and graphic designs.. I am a student and have lots of stuff I’ve done. It’s better to have it on an EHD just incase your computer crashes!

  • Amy

    This would be perfect for keeping my photos organized in one spot!

  • C Miller

    2TB would be ideal for storing my audio and video libraries.

  • natty225

    i would back up all my university documents, photos, and my music!!

  • Jerry

    I would use this hard drive to store a backup copy of the Library of Congress. At the rate this government is going, they just might need to access my backup when the S**t hits the fan.

    Oh yeah, I would also store my plans to take over the world on this hard drive.

    And then I would back up my iMac.

  • I would use this to backup my photos! Thank you.

  • The Hard Drive would be a great help to me. I will use it(if i win) to backup all of my photos, website site post, projects, important family document, School work. This would also help me orginize my computer betwwen school, family, work, etc. Like i said before this freebie would help me a lot.

  • Daniel

    Just like everyone eles i would backup my own computer

  • I could totally use the hard drive to move my music/movie collection so I can free up space on my other two drives for more backups and other nonsense. The freebies? Depending on what they are, I’d use them for anything and everything I could possibly imagine.
    [rq=492501,0,blog][/rq]UI in Games

  • Kamran

    Yo dawg, I herd you like External Hard Disk Drives, so I put an External Hard Disk Drive in your External Hard Disk Drive so you can store files while you store files in your stored files.

  • First… I would look at it and bask in the glow of my most AWESOME winningest self (…might drool a little, but I keep paper towels nearby).


    I would take it out of the package… ever. so. gently. If wrapped in plastic, it would remain wrapped in plastic so as to prevent any second-hand drool damages, thus voiding the warranty.

    …after a couple more minutes of basking, I would CONNECT it to my Airport Extreme to be my first wireless, home network drive. (*sniff* i would be so happy…*sniff*)

    ..and FINALLY… I would…well… I guess. I would. ..*whispering* backup my files like everyone else would do */whispering*… BUT THERE WOULD BE TEARS OF JOY as this was taking place.

    I would also NAME the drive… and its name shall be….MediaMilitia_VS_ColorBurned…

  • I could so use this for my backups!

  • Erik

    I’d backup my files and probably use it to store shows from my DVR.

  • i would give it to my boyfriend. be cause he’s one cool dude. who really loves hard drives.

  • Ritam

    I will backup my big Photoshop elements,flash projects,3d animations, illustrator,creative videos,tutorials,designing tutorial and many more.Don’t forget about my whole website backup!!! It will very cool.

  • I could use this for backups of my internal hdd

  • Jason White

    I am a young man who’s gotten started in the wonderful world of video production.

    I’d use this hard drive to store photo/video/audio files as well as use it as the TimeMachine drive for my Mac.

    Please and thank you!

  • I would use this to edit films that me and my friends are making, but we require additional storage.
    [rq=493766,0,blog][/rq]A Midsummer Nights Dream-Trailor

  • store tb photoshop files…

  • Being also a series addict, I’d need these 2TB to keep all my movies and TV series.
    [rq=494402,0,blog][/rq]First showcase gallery.

  • I am in shortage of backup memory (500GB) and a 2TB would be wonderful!


  • I’d use this for backing up all my music, photos, design resources, and including my works.

  • Naz

    I’d use it to store my ever expanding multmedia library, including my own home-produced videos.

  • Richard Howell

    I would use the hard drive to store my ever expanding collection of digital family photos and videos.

  • Chris Kemm

    Ive just set up little freelance company with a friend and this drive would be great to store all files etc. Also the Media Militia files would be great help with designs and illustrations! As were very short on cash a 2TB drive is a great luxury to have.

  • I would backup my Desktop Mac and Laptop – and save all my Photos and music to make more space for work and layered PSD files. I’m really keen to try out WD – I’ve used another brand for years, but think it’s time for a change: )

  • Twitter post:

    I would use this hard drive to back up all of my company’s freelance files.

  • Once again this is a great contest. I would greatly enjoy using this for my freelance design files and programs. Amazing and thank you!
    [rq=496602,0,blog][/rq]A lego house? This is my dream come true! A UK toy fanatic…

  • I’d love to use it to back up my photos and videos!
    [rq=496712,0,blog][/rq]Some pages about Emily

  • I always had a Western Digital external hard drive but the much older one that holds 256 GB. I used to use it to keep all my graphic work, that’s clients and personal. Than one I look and its not working. So all of my unfinished projects, my company logos, client back up works, everything is all gone.

    With that said I would use the 2TB Western Digital external harddrive to start all over.

  • Memory gets more elusive with age. Please, sir, can I have some more? And, I think it would look cool on my bookshelf. Love the design.

  • I’d start an Internet company. Put the drive online.
    Share 30gb slots for $3/mo.

  • Morgu3

    I try my luck again :)

  • rajt

    i want to win :D

  • I’d use this wonderful brick of silicone to put chicken wire around my sanity!
    [rq=497761,0,blog][/rq]Fantasy Shirts/Hoodies

  • i’m a fine artist and graphic designer, married to a designer and have a teenager – there are unlimited uses we could find for this awesome give-away :)

    etsy store
    [rq=497894,0,blog][/rq]micro surfacing our street

  • Following and twitted!

    I would love to back up my computers, my thesis, and collection of vintage tv!

  • Who doesn’t need 2TB :)

  • I would use it to insure my video editing & music are safely tucked away so I can go skiing & snowboarding as soon as the season gets here. To make more films & videos, of course.

  • I would show it to everyone who came in my house and explain to them at length just exactly HOW big a terabyte is and, of course, how cool is.
    [rq=498645,0,blog][/rq]My letter to Eternal Earth-Bound Pets

  • I would use it to backup all the resources I have on my pc…. currently 40gb and counting as well as event, family and social gathering photos..

    then i would write about how helpful coloburned and media militia are for having such a giveaway

  • I would store all of my photos and videos.. i hav a lot of GB ..

  • I’d use the drive to back up my design resources for my freelance business needs.
    [rq=499030,0,blog][/rq]Hip Hop

  • Oooh, I could save my Photoshop files without Merging layers. :)


  • i would use this extreme amount of disk space to amass and organize all of my photos and images in one place. they are currently divided on 3 hard drives.

  • Great contest idea! As a start-up doing web & logo design, iPhone app development and everything else, this would be a great present for my biz partner. She needs the space horribly…always asking me to delete my music and pics to make it work. She would be stoked if I surprised her with this ; )

  • darthgeek

    I’d buy an HD video camera just so I could make blatant use of the space.

  • What a great giveaway! I would use this to backup photos, photoshop files, etc. Thank you!
    [rq=500272,0,blog][/rq]Summer Vacation

  • I’m a Independant Filmmaker and as the quality of videos get higher and higher, I continually run out of room for new renders and complete films.

    This would be a blessing of an addition to my equipment.

    Thanks so much guys!
    [rq=500341,0,blog][/rq]One Saturday in August – ‘Hell Ride’

  • I’d partition it to house a good home for my Time Machine backups in half and a place to finally collect all my photographs (I’m a floral photographer) from various different hard drives together in one place.

  • Well, first of all thanks a lot for such a fantastic giveaway.

    I will use this drive to keep all my design, programming resources, backups of all my stuff.

    [rq=500550,0,blog][/rq]Welcome to your new Acquia Drupal website!

  • sheryl

    it would be great if i won to consolidate the external hard drives i have now so all my files can be in one place! and then i can give my other drives to family and friends to help them be more organized :)

  • Otávio

    I would backup my photos and Photoshop projects :)

  • I would use it for backups of course! I have a HUGE texture/image collection and work with large files on a daily basis. One can never have enough storage space.

  • Backups galore! I edit HD video you gotta help a brother out!
    [rq=502642,0,blog][/rq]Eran Stern’s “A New Solid” Training DVD + Giveaway!

  • I would back up my projects, icons, patterns, stocks, and another stuff. I have many psd files and my disc 120gb is to small. I need use pendrives and cds. This is terrible.

  • Stephanie Guimera

    I’d store my photography files; I’m a band photographer, and I take anywhere from 150-500 shots per band per show. Makes for lots of files! And shooting in large sizes (to enable printing poster sizes) eats up a lot of file space. I’d love the extra storage space so I don’t overrun my laptop!

  • Lisa

    This is awesome. Thanks for doing this!

    Currently have an old laptop and the hard drive is nearly full so this would be wonderful.

    I would use it to visit potential clients with samples of work or websites or blogs I’ve designed for them, As well as back up other information that would be handy on this type of thing, install other software on (since there isn’t much room left). I’m trying to build my business and right now need all the help I can get to gain clients.

    Whether I win or not…It’s awesome that folks do these types of things.

    Thanks much!


  • The question isn’t what would I do with it. It’s what wouldn’t I do with it! I’m actually digitally cataloging my DVDs to my PC at the moment and it would be very useful to have the extra storage space so I don’t run out.

  • I would use it for backup. Never know when you need something that you deleted. Also never know when your computer’s HD might fail.
    [rq=502680,0,blog][/rq]Episode 45No promo code for 17+ apps

  • I will use this killer gadget to store my work, made with Media Milita stuff, when possible.

  • I would like to back up all my important files, most importantly my design files.

  • Backups. Lots and lots of backups. Oh, and then some more backups.

  • Melissa

    2 TB would be so awesome… that should last anyone quite a while! I’d store photos, music, design work and resources, and I wonder if I could ever fill up the whole drive!

  • Tim

    Before using it for its obvious storage intention, I would lye it down on the road out the front of my house, put a plank of wood on it, get on my super sweet racer bmx, get a gnarly run up and jump so high that I touch the misty white clouds! After I return from the sky I will attach a chain to it and go out clubbing. All the chicks will see it and will want to buy me drinks all night because I look so delicious! After a night of super awesome lovin I will upload all the footage of my wild day(and night) to my brand new drive and you will all be jealous of my awesomeness and ability to store lots of awesome stuff on my awesome drive!

  • Jen

    I would use this 2TB HD to edit my new short film!! It would help me out BIG time!! Support your local indie filmmaker – give them a 2TB hard drive!! :-D

  • Zeo

    I’d backup everything I can lay my dirty little hands on!

    Oh, and store videos, photos, music on it.

  • Tariq

    I am running low on Hard disk space. This would be a backup beyond my dreams!!!

  • I could seriously use the storage…in lieu of purchasing a new Mac system at this time.:) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I really need this

  • Daniel

    Keep up the awsome contest

  • Ben

    Backup photos, fonts, actions, brushes, textures, vector files, etc. And it never hurts to have an extra backup of our design portfolio.

  • I will keep the memories of the things I enjoy there. My photos (artistic and with my friends), all my designs, all my music! and keep some space for more creation! It will be great to have it!

  • Chris

    Sweet…I would use to store my photography and backup my client websites.

  • Tye

    I would use it well! Whole lotta files waiting for a new home!
    [rq=504767,0,blog][/rq]Upcoming Changes 4 DurbinDigital!

  • I would use it for backups of my current freelance projects. I wil also use to store the raw video materials wich comes from my vidcamera.
    [rq=504815,0,blog][/rq]Gezocht Webdesigner m/v voor kega

  • best of luck to all. keep up with such contest.

  • I would use it to improve things for all of human kind….
    [rq=506224,0,blog][/rq]And Action! – Justin Woon – Film Director

  • Sera

    I would use it to backup my work (design/development) and my media, I would use the freebies for my projects.

    It would be nice to win

  • rajiv sharma

    I am just sick of my 40 gb hdd, thats y i want it. cheers. there r too many things to put on it. family videos, photos, lots of junk music, and ya lots of games that i own.

  • I’d use to store my ever-growing collection of photographs that I take, movies and documentaries I download, music that I can’t ever live without…
    [rq=507012,0,blog][/rq]Now, that I’ve to say.

  • Joel Hurst

    I would never have to use my trash bin again….

    ….and I would back up every 5 minutes.

  • Navarro Parker

    I would Time Machine my Time Machine!

  • this has got to be more economical than the 100s of pen drives i have scattered around everywhere!
    [rq=508097,0,blog][/rq]Designers of Inspiration: Daniel Eatock

  • It would have been great to get the whole rack of drives like in the last picture.
    [rq=508422,0,blog][/rq]First showcase gallery.

  • Lisa

    What would you say to link backs on my websites/blogs and tweets repeatedly on how awesome this opportunity is and to other great info on your site.

    And as I said before, since my older hard drive is filling up fast, use the external for additional web content, proposals, graphic design files, additional software needed to run my business.

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Nash

    I would use this beast for good and not evil…well, mostly good and a just a bit of evil.

    ok, maybe half and half.

  • I would use it to store our files (shared across a network). Given that we have over 40GB of photos alone, we need all the space we can get!
    [rq=509744,0,blog][/rq]Cooking with TechyDad: Mock Crab Cakes

  • I’d finally have a great way to save all the MP3s I could gather. And Videos too.
    [rq=510016,0,blog][/rq]CodeWhiz: Win a 2 TB External Hard Drive from @MediaMilitia and @Colorburned

  • man… three days left! I really hope I win this thing! You can store a crapload of video with 2 TB’s especially when you are working in HD. I promise to to a VLOG for you guys if I win!
    [rq=511327,0,blog][/rq]Eran Stern’s “A New Solid” Training DVD + Giveaway!

  • Cole C.

    this is awesome! id use it for my network backups, my site backup, all my photoshop brushes because i have way to many to fit on my computer all my photos my website designs, ect..

  • Simon Steele

    Well my external HD died a month ago so this would be a fantastic replacement for it. For system back up and media.

  • I could use it for keeping all our photos on it, This being our first kid we take a ton of pictures.
    [rq=514533,0,blog][/rq]September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

  • I have had a few hard drives crash in the past, so I need more back up storage. Right now I don’t have an external drive large enough to back up my 500GB internal hard drive. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  • Karina Lopez

    I would back up my Mac comp. I really need to back up my photoshop brushes, graphics, after effects files, photos, college work, videos, and projects. :)

  • I would use this as additional storage for all of our digital photos.
    [rq=515113,0,blog][/rq]Silly faces by shy guy at bed time

  • I need to transfer everything to somewhere!! I haven’t no more hd space and i don’t want format. :E
    [rq=515146,0,blog][/rq]Sony SRS-GD50iP marries iPod dock with USB speakers

  • I would totally use this to store all of the photos, videos, and software programs I have downloaded for my scrapbook projects.
    [rq=515219,0,blog][/rq]Wordless Wednesday – September 2, 2009

  • I would love to win this. I would put my graphics images and all my resources on it.

  • Kyle Gardner

    I would use that bad boy so hardcore because i am a really poor design student and i know those terabytes will elevate my life.

  • Ohh I would really need to backup my ProTools files. I just overfilled one of the same models but with 1TB Love these drives.


  • Angela

    Would love to have this drive for all my Digital Artwork, plus all my Digital Commercial scraps I make for my stores, Storage is the most important thing to a graphics Designer :)

  • I always have to delete movies once I watched them. I would use it for my movie collection

  • I would use this to back up my photos, there’s probably enough room in there for my moped as well. :) thanks for the opportunity

  • Actually, I’ve never had any external drive. I’ve always used internal drive and a 4GB Corsair USB key. It would be great to start a new experience with “won” external drives. Wouldn’t it?
    [rq=517439,0,blog][/rq]First showcase gallery.

  • steve van durme

    With a drive like that, i wouldn’t think twice to back-up and lose all my media, finally a real database for stocking all my creations, even the one’s nobody cares :)

  • You never have enough Harddrive space to backup your work and projects, I have had to learn that the hard way. Where my Harddrive crashed and my external failed too. I didn’t have a third backup, which I should have had.

    2TB External would last me quite a while to fill up.

    Goodluck to everyone for the contest.

    [rq=518051,0,blog][/rq]Smoking Tiger

  • I need this…. xDDD

    Thanks 4 sharing!

  • Maria João

    Winning this would be sooo great…
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I’d use it to stash all the files from all the old hard drives I’ve for the past 20 years.

  • noah

    I would finally back up all my music!

  • Ram

    2TB? seriously? I’ll backup myself!!

  • Ruben

    Awesome…first I want to wish everyone great luck, since this is a pretty useful tool nowadays. Second, I’d used it to store my RAW and Jpgs files (probably from the beginning).

  • bschlough

    Awesome! Tommy want wingy.

  • Dale

    I need room to store all of my video/movie and photography files.

  • Jason Jennings

    I would fill it with any and all goodness I pull from the web, create, or the things that inspire me. Music, movies, art, photography, digital goodies not found anywhere else will live on the hard drive in my possession.

  • Jason Jennings

    Ditto to all the above comments!

  • I am such a pack rat for anything and everything online, this would help out so much! Thanks!!

  • Dale Vande Griend

    awesome giveaway. I could really use this to put all my video and movie files on. They would be nice and cozy inside that 2TB space.

  • antar

    Back up stuff, video

  • Rafal K

    I’d store all my files and music on it

  • asparagus

    this is way too cool! great contest and great hd!

  • Amy Smith

    I would back up all my school assignments for college and all my pictures….. I have a laptop with little storage….. It would be cool to win this…..

  • I would use this lovely item to back up all of my digital artwork, big fat publications files, fonts, brushes, filters, textures, and my MacBook, as well as to store my music and music videos. What a frakking sweet contest!
    [rq=525752,0,blog][/rq]An absolutely stunning cosplay of Queen (Sister) Esther…

  • I sure would stop burning DVDs as backup media!!
    [rq=525877,0,blog][/rq]E detalhes sobre o primeiro build interno do Mac OS X 10.6.1 já vazaram

  • Nelu Hurducas

    I would store and backup all my dates.

  • Nenad

    Would use it for backup since i had major crash few days ago and lost all my data…but i had small backup on my desktop but this would be great to have!

  • As an aspiring webcomic artist, I would use the space to store my experimentations with Illustrator and Photoshop!

  • Lee

    I would love to have the external hard drive. It would help keep my picture and video files off o PC and on hard drive fr better storage and organization
    [rq=527316,0,blog][/rq]Contests Online

  • Lee

    I know I can only enter 5 times s I am getting them out of way as drawing is tomorrow. Hey thanks for contest and please help me organize!!

  • Lahlee

    I can probably back-up all of my previous work in this large storage.

  • Maria João

    And once more… I would do everything anyone would with this… :)

  • Tom Hudders

    You never have enough storage.

  • Rachel

    My own ext. HDD broke recently, so I would use the WD 2GB one to back up all my work! It would be brilliant for moving from PC to PC with all my work, something that I have to do quite often.

  • Dale

    Anyone could use 2 TB of space. You can never have enough.

  • Wow, 300+ comments, that’s a lot of contestants. I should really try to win this.
    [rq=531784,0,blog][/rq]HTML lists with CSS.

  • Jangus_Kahn

    I’m currently attending college and am majoring in graphic design and I’m on an extremely low budget, and seeing as my current HDD is only 250gb, this would be very useful!

  • I’d could store the digital versions of the entire works in the library of congress.
    [rq=531930,0,blog][/rq]CodeWhiz: @jamiei I know, exotic!

  • I’ve already said 5 times the magical phrase. I’m eager to win 8D

  • I’d use it to store the data representing the human genome. And by so doing, would better all mankind. And still have room for 3 or 4 backups of my current hard drive.
    [rq=532695,0,blog][/rq]CodeWhiz: The following special announcement is brought to you courtesy of #TerrificContest – 5 entries allowed. I’m spent.

  • Ian

    Fill to the brim with countless zeroes and ones.

  • Wow–a chance to get All my files in 1 place…
    Alway’s a constant search–finding the right ‘thumb’
    I have 4 ‘thumb’ drives, with varying storage capabilities;
    from 1G up to 16G, all full, plus,a 160G external drive,
    full of software and eBooks.
    Finding information is a long, involved task; even with
    the best of filing systems.
    With the 2T external drive, I can back up Everything, putting
    all my files in 1 easily accessible location with plenty of room for growth.
    aahh life is Sweet

  • Ruben

    This would be a fantastic prize for anyone who uses a computer, no matter what type of job or hobby…not including porn, well…

  • I will have my christmas birthday early winning this, I can’t get enough hard drive space these days.

  • Susan K

    I would back up my daughter’s music library, after backing up my hd.

  • Well, that little guy could definitely help me store all my “work” relate files :-)
    The freebies might actually help the so called work ;-)

    Thanks CB and MM for organizing this!

  • Kay

    I want to backup my mac’s things, freelance work, school’s assignment, music, software, photos with my family, art material, vector files, images for inspiration, website links, bookmarks, iphone’s files, emails, word, pdf, documents.

    i really want that…coz i really need it.


  • benjamin randall

    I would be able to keep all my design assignments as I go, on the go without haveing to data dump so much!!! would be very exciting…