Win a Free Copy of 3D Invigorator for Adobe Photoshop

If you’re like most Photoshoppers at some point you’ve probably wanted to add some 3D effects to your designs. The problem is that Photoshop is not 3D modeling software and barely supports it. Illustrator has some limited 3D capability but if you’ve used it, you know that it lacks much of the functionality that you’d really like to use. There are a number of solutions for this however; you could purchase some 3D graphics software like Maya or 3D Studio Max but as you can imagine, these programs cost quite a bit and will take some time for you to learn them. The other option would be to find a Photoshop plug-in that gives you this functionality for a fraction of the price and without the steep learning curve.


3D Invigorator from Digital Anarchy is exactly that. It’s a plug-in for Photoshop that allows you to create complex 3D objects using Adobe Illustrator files and fonts. Using 3D Invigorator you can easily create 3D objects from vector files; adding depth, bevels, textures, and lighting. Simply launch the plug-in, point to an Illustrator file, or type out some text; the plug-in will immediately make a 3D rendering; from there, you can sculpt your graphic into a 3D masterpiece.


To win a copy of this phenomenal plug-in simply Join the Colorburned Facebook Fan Club and write a message on our wall. Tell us how you would use 3D Invigorator and if you’re lucky we will select you to win a free copy of the software.

Up for Grabs


  • Join the Colorburned Facebook Fan Club.
  • Write on our wall and tell us how you would use 3D Invigorator.
  • Only comment once.
  • The winner will be notified via Facebook.
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m PST on Friday, May 15.

To learn more about 3D Invigorator, please visit their website. Good luck everyone and please remember, if you are not lucky enough to win please consider purchasing a copy of this software.

Remember, we will be running giveaways on this site every day for the next 2 weeks so please check back tomorrow for another awesome giveaway to celebrate this site’s 1st birthday!


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  • I would probably use this in school projects or designs. I always love to experiment with new things, and this would be perfect to do so.

  • Jef

    Nice, i’ll be happy to experiment with this!

  • Great stuff. I’d love to give this a go on some future projects.

  • Brandon

    Cool yet again, I’d like to try using this on some type treatments of my own

  • Brilliant giveaways here at the moment, anybody that misses out will be sad to do so!

  • I love working with 3d elements in my designs and art. This would be perfect to achieve some fantastic effects.

  • This plugin its undoubtely a must have!

  • This would be perfect to achieve some fantastic effects.

  • If I were to win, I would reign supreme!!! I love 3D, and ever since I upgraded to Vista 64bit, my 3Dstudio Max v6 has been… shall we say, un-compliant. It would be great to create in 3 dimensions again.

  • Khaled Mosli

    amazing stuff !! you really got good resources :)

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