Win a Free Copy of Extreme Path, a Plug-In for Adobe Illustrator

Ever wonder how illustrators make their curves look so precise with the pen tool? That is a question that I used to ask myself quite often. If you’ve ever used the pen tool you know what I mean. Sometimes it can be next to impossible to make all your curves look the way you want them to. This is because as good as the pen too in Illustrator is; it still needs some considerable work. Let’s be honest, the pen tool is a bit clunky and hard to work with no matter what your skill level is. The solution to this problem is a fabulous Illustrator plug-in called CValley Extreme Path.

I discovered this plug-in through @vonster who published a video tutorial on his website demonstrating his workflow. I was extremely impressed with this software and immediately contacted the guys at CValley to ask them if they would be willing to participate in this website’s 1st birthday celebration. Luckily for you guys, they agreed and today we will be giving away 1 copy of CValley’s Extreme Path Plug-In.

To win, all you have to do is comment below and tell us how you would use this plug-in. When you’re done, Tweet this post to your followers and you will be entered to win.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter.
  • Tell us what you would use this plug-in for.
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  • Only comment once.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m PST on Thursday, May 21.

To learn more about Extreme Path, please visit their website. Good luck everyone and please remember, if you are not lucky enough to win please consider purchasing a copy of this software.

Also, we will be continuing this site’s 1st birthday celebration all week. So don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another awesome giveaway!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • Seth G

    I want to use this to illustrate some paintings so I can do acrylic transfers onto wood in fine detail :)

  • I would love to put my hands on it to design cool graphics for my printed arts, since i don’t have a tablet to do that.

  • Would be great! Heard good things about it but haven’t had a chance to try it myself. School feels that “plug-ins” don’t help you… Thanks for all the giveaways!

  • I saw the Vonster’s tutorial also and have been coveting this plugin. I do quite a bit of POS backboards and this would really help my designs. Thanks!

  • I’d like to use the xtream path to draw better my vectors files on illustrator.

  • i need more tools.

  • One of my biggest weaknesses are my “rounded bezier curves” in illustrator, this would be a GODSEND!

  • This would be used to finesse my curves… oh my glorious curves… illustration/graphic curves of course!! (Although a little photo retouch of my curves couldn’t hurt either right?!)

  • Tools – where would we be without them. Even tools need love and I would provide plenty of love for my tool – especially if it were a gift. I’ve recently been drawing logos and it is so frustrating when I think I have got a path right and then there is a little kink here or there and then the more I play with it the worse it gets. I want my paths to behave like my children should – do as I tell them!! Besides – I’m only a beginner on Illustrator and want to offer design as a service so I need all the help I can get!!

  • Honestly one of the best plugins I could have imagined. I guess that there are a bunsh more that we aren’t aware of.
    Keep on the work and of cause I would love to work with it.

  • This plugin looks very cool! I would love to play and experiment with it and see what it can help me come up with in my endeavors for clean and balanced design.

  • I would love to get my hands on. God is in the detail so i hope i the curves how i want them with this tool.

  • I would love this tool to customize type for logos and art for kids packaging. “Cuteness” is critical! Thanks!

  • Ann

    what can I say…… after doing many, many tutorials I still find the pen tool the most difficult to use, so if Extreme Path could help me out and save endless hours of struggling…….

  • puja karindra

    i’m an Indonesian so I want to use it to make batik design, surely cool i think

  • I’m extremely curious to see this plugin can improve my works.

  • Anders

    I would love a copy of Extreme Path.
    It would actually make me want to work even more in Illustrator, than I already do.

  • Wowww, never seen this before but I’m sure it would help with all the character illustrations I try to do!


  • I’d use CValley’s Extreme Path to enhance the best illustration package, Adobe Illustrator, and to develop more as a graphic artist.

  • Mark Hammermeister

    I would use this plug-in to once and for all fulfill my dreams of world domination (that, and improve my vector productivity ten-fold).

  • Tom

    I’d love to be able to edit curves in illustrator like I can in flash … grab and drag! :D

  • Looking to make some precise edits.

  • I would use Xtreme Path to take over the (vector) WORLD! No curve would be spared. I would make a dominant race of perfect, precise bezier curves, and the world of vector illustration would cower and tremble before me.

  • I will use it on my vector projects, like logos and artworks!


  • mark

    I would use this to ink my illustrations/sketches

  • I’d use it to sharpen and enhance my Adobe Illustrator skills. One more tool in my arsenal. And I’d finally get to see what Vonster’s been goin’ on about. ;-)

  • I would not not use this for drawing dirty pictures.

  • With this plugin I could be ready to really experiment illustrator in the Logo design. Also, I could illustrate some sketches I made without give a try on illutrator.

    I NEED IT :)

  • Diogo Duarte

    I would make use of this to improve my vector arts. My draw owuld be so much better on computer with this plu-in…

  • Oh, this would be wonderful! A love to manipulate type in my logo creation. This would be super helpful!

  • Wow, this thing is pretty cool. Would definitely speed things up when I’m designing.

  • This would definitely help me as I design logos I scan from sketches. It is very hard to get the curves and shapes to match what I sketched by hand. Until I get a Wacom tablet, Extreme Path would definitely help!

  • Sue

    I’m doing a lot of typography poster design for work lately and I’d use this plugin to modify fonts. That’s pretty awesome.

    It also looks like it would be useful for illustration.

  • I would love to vectorize my sketches with this tool, even i can use the pen tool right, this thing looks great 2 me.

  • I’m about to embark on the first digital sketches of a custom typeface. Lacking FontLab, Illustrator’s the logical starting point, and this plugin would prove invaluable.

  • I would love this plugin so I can improve my vector artwork. I’m too poor and don’t illustrate enough to justify purchasing a tablet. I bet this plugin would be a good intermediary step for me!

  • I personally discovered this plugin through Got impressed! I use mostly illustrator and my main tools are pen and direct selection, so what to need more.. (?)

  • Chris Shaddock

    I would use this plugin for all my design work. Oh, and I would use it to make all of those fantastic Illustrator tutorials. Practice, practice, practice… right?

  • Anything that makes using illustrator a little better is good in my books, this will surely make the pen even mightier then the sword.

  • I have seen the demonstration videos of the plugin and I think it is fantastic, looks useful for me, i will use to manipulate my logo sketches and to complete a project with illustrations for serigraphy.

  • Padwan Leinad

    Is this tool true an for real? If i won this I’d use so much it would be worn out!

  • I would use it to show me the correct design path to travel down…… : )

  • This would really streamline my workflow drawing/modifying paths day after day.

  • AlexZander

    I would use this tool in the work i do for various ministries… and some brand identity stuff i do on the side… That’s right, I’d use it for Jesus

  • How amazing to be able to have that much control over a path. I do a lot of detail-based designs in Illustrator. To be able to manipulate my vector paths to this extent would not only be great, but also much more efficient and stress-reducing. I could do so much more rather than agonizing over the inability to quickly and accurately develop my vector designs. Please help a stressed out designer!! Thanks :)

  • Oh the possibilities! And time saved!! I am, at heart, more of an artist than a computer head, so being able to adjust things this way would be absolutely fab!

  • Matt

    I’m sure this would be a big help in creating new and unique artwork pieces for the trade shows I work on.

  • Mheld

    Because all plug-ins should be EXTREME! Fingers crossed… I never win anything… sigh…

  • James M.

    i have a lot of sketches/artwork which have yet to come to life in the form of vectors. This excellent tool would definitely help me out in creating high ly detailed vector renditions of my work… Doing just that eats a lot of my time, and by the time I’m done i’m just too tired to do colors/touch-ups. this definitely would be a godsend, should you guys decide to send it to me . more power to colorburned and Cvalley… Sure hope to win this one.

  • I love vector, I love my pen tool, I would love more CONTROL!

  • I’d like to use this because I recently bought a series of pattern sourcebooks for my design work but was dismayed to find all the included files were in PSD format. Now I am vectoring everything by hand!

  • This will be a great time saver!!!!

  • I would use Xstream Path to make symmetrical edits to paths.

  • J. Martin

    I’m tired of straight lines! I want to play with curves! I do a lot of sketches on paper that later become vectorized, so I want more control to play with shapes and make this little tricky adjustments that makes a boring draw come into a piece of art!

  • grrlfriend

    I can see a lot of time being saved with this plug-in PLUS a greater degree of accuracy. Using the handles doesn’t always result in the curve I envision – at least not the first time. Very cool.

  • I’d use it to save a butt load of time option clicking, dragging and and tweaking the illustrator pen tool.

  • It will make my vectorisation lot more easier! :)

  • It looks like a tool like this would allow me more of an organic hands on approach to creating & manipulating curves rather than relying on handles to bend my lines.

  • I would love a copy of Xtreme path, I spend most of my days using Illustrator and it will make it more fun and may let me either go home earlier!

  • I cannot believe that this is a giveaway! It’s fate. I returned my graphics tablet so that I could buy some design necessities. At no point did I realize that a graphics tablet is a design necessity! This would keep me pumping out great logos, prints, etc. until I can get another graphics tablet, then they’d work in unison!

  • Louie Livon-Bemel

    I’d love this! I am working on improving my illustrations and this would help me out a ton! I just ordered an Intuos tablet yesterday so this would go great with that :D. This seems like a perfect tool to be used with a tablet

  • This is the coolest program. I have watched Von use it and was very impressed with it. I would love to have this program to ease the altering of vectors in Ai

  • I use Illustrator everday, what a time saver Xtreme path would be for my illustrations.

  • Stan Perl

    I have struggled with the pen tool for so so so long. I just can’t seem to get the even vector look going. But after reading about Xtream Path I believe all my backed up sketch projects can finally be realized. Specifically I want to use this to illustrate childrens books, and also illustrate characters for art videos as well.

  • Great plug-in, it make logo design more easier for me.

  • I use or teach Illustrator on a weekly basis. I could really see a practical use for this. I would demo this in class and reccomend it to all my students. But currently I don’t have it and would certainly love to get it when the money is there.

  • I’d use it to improve my workflow.

  • I’d use in designing “organic” shapes and characters.

  • Personally, I’d use it to help me improve my Illustrator skills. Now I just need @Vonster’s personal training. ;)

  • Jeremy

    I’d use it to speed up my vector work, which would allow me to make more stencils for t-shirts in a shorter amount of time.

  • I’d use this to improve how I do my works. Plus, this would help a lot in making my illustrations.

  • I love efficiency with vectors. This would so totally help.

  • What designer couldn’t use this? I am seriously addicted to creating vector artwork and this plug-in would seriously help feed my habit. I also have a slightly smaller plug-in habit. Personally, I would use it to illustrate monsters, vicious creatures, and sexy ladies.

  • Jessica Cave

    OMG. I must have this program. I’m pretty sure that the pen tool is my enemy and this would be a thousand times easier than usually. This would be the most amazing thing to get! Thanks and congrats on the anniversary!

  • This would be so great to have. I think half of my gray hair collection is from using the pen tool. Since I don’t have enough spare cash to color my hair as frequently as I use AI, I definitely need this.

  • Saif

    Another time saving tool. Dynamic paths will make illustration a much faster job.

  • Ian

    Cool comp and congrats on being 1! I’d use this software to refine my tracing of sketches from my crazy sketchbooks!

  • i’d use this to take over the world, teach sign language to deaf polar bears, guide myself through the ancient ways of kung-fu and in general take my illustrations to a whole other level by going full out vector.

  • Well, Illustrator and I are enemies still. We’re trying to make amends, and if I can make at least ONE decent curvy line for the cartoon pictures I create with my shaky hands, that’s a step closer. We’ll get there.

  • Sounds great! I’d love to use this when creating logos and vector fruit. Not sure about fruit, it just popped into my head, but they have curves, it will work out in the end.


  • I would rule the vector world with this plugin. I might even finish up icons and marks fast enough to accommodate all the rediculous revision the clients want within their absurd budgets.

  • Jeremey

    I would use it to save time… and then the world (well, at least mine).

  • That thing would help so much for the hand drawn things I’m doing !

  • Brandon

    This would help with cleaning up a lot of junky product drawings I have to work with!

  • This would definitely speed up my work in illustrator. I’d love to win. Thanks you for this.

  • Rajeev Singh

    The pen tool has been a thorn in my side ever since I was introduced to vector drawing. I’ve never understood how it has resisted evolution for all these years…

    If I had this plug-in I would probably spend more time finessing my curves (web & t-shirt design) and less time covering them up with texture.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I’m already seriously considering purchasing it.

  • Simon

    because i’ve been mostly using Photoshop in my work, my skills in Illustrator have been lagging behind, and mainly because of the learning curve & rigidity of the pen tool. Xtream Path looks like the answer I’ve been waiting for!

    Definitely Tweeted!

  • Homero

    who doesn´t love vector drawing?! who wouldn´t love having vector drawing being easier?! a monster i´ll tell ya…A MONSTER!!

  • Greg

    I would love to make some tasty vector arts to hang in my new studio and this is the perfect tool to help me do it!