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One of the biggest gripes I have with Illustrator is the lack of tools that it provides to adjust colors. When they released the Live Color feature in CS3 I was very excited at the possibility of being able to edit colors on the fly. However, after working with live color I found that it was overly complex and the results were less than satisfactory. I knew there had to be a better way to edit colors in Illustrator, I just didn’t know how. That was until I became aware of Phantasm CS.

Phantasm CS is an amazing plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that allows you to edit the colors of your illustration on the fly; much like you can in Adobe Photoshop. If you use Photoshop a lot you will recognize many of the adjustments including: hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, curves, invert, and many more. Phantasm CS even includes a halftone filter that allows you to quickly create vector halftones from any image.


I own this plug-in and really enjoy working with it. In fact, I recommend it to anyone who works with Illustrator on a regular basis. That is why I am so excited that the guys at Astute Graphics were generous enough to donate 1 copy of Phantasm CS to one of our readers in celebration of this website’s 1st birthday!

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment below; tell us how you would use this plug-in and then send a Tweet to your followers.

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  • Leave a comment to enter.
  • Tell us what you would use this plug-in for.
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  • This is a 2 day contest. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m PST on Friday, May 22.

To learn more about Phantasm CS, please visit their website or watch their video tutorials. Good luck and please remember, if you are not lucky enough to win please consider purchasing a copy of this software.

Also, we will be continuing this site’s 1st birthday celebration all week. So don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another awesome giveaway!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • I much prefer to work entirely on illustrator and take only to photoshop exactly to do those color adjustments. This tool would be rad to do some color switching direct on my vector illustrations.

  • This program would work great in joint with the last program you are giving out! Some of the graphic design work that I do requires product design, package design, etc. I found the whole Live Color tool to be confusing. This would probably chunk off hours of work per month that I spend transferring from Illustrator to Photoshop to change things around.

  • This would help a lot in making my illustrations especially so that I could adjust colors in illustrator as I would in photoshop.

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  • I’d use it to save time and that’s phantasmic in itself…

  • Ann

    Amazing tool, would sure help to upgrade my Illustrator skills

  • Jessica Cave

    This is awesome! I’ve heard of Phantasm, but I’ve never really looked into it. It would make vector halftones such an easy, simple thing!

  • This plugin sounds ‘Phantastic’ – I love these very features in photoshop and would be thrilled to be able to do the color adjusting directly in illustrator therefore keeping my illustration as true vector, not to mention the time saved. Wow! How great does this plugin sound?

  • Saif

    This will make my work much easier. It is very laborious to change the colour of each element when you have to adjust between colour schemes.

  • Wooo, this would totally help take my vector drawing skills to the next level. The swatches drive me MENTAL!

  • This program seems to good to be true, it’s such a headache sometimes dealing with colours in illustrator. This app would make life a million times easier, and thanks… now I have another app to add to the wish list… that is if I don’t win it *hint* *hint* LOL.

  • What an amazing tool, I just want to try it so bad! Will help a lot with my graphics.

  • Sounds like an excellent, time-saving plug-in. Would love an opportunity to check it out for free. :)

  • I’d use it to save time and increase the usability of Illustrator.

  • To me the awesome halftones in an efortless way ! I’ll take it !

  • Amy

    I prefer illustrator very much over photoshop for web design. This plugin would eliminate a lot of the back-and-forth I do to create just the right image effect.

  • Brian

    I would love to be able to do some quick adjustments in Illustrator this would be a great addition to my software.

  • Martin Cox

    Hard to know where to start. I live in Illustrator and this would furnish my drawing room very, very nicely!

  • I’d use Phantasm to recolour artwork in Illustrator with a tool similar to Photoshop’s rather than the over-complecated one built in.

  • I use Illustrator almost exclusively for my digital work. The ability to adjust colors on the fly just by using a toggle rather than by selecting individual pieces would go a long way to making my process more efficient. That, and being a comic-style illustrator, the ability to make VECTOR halftones (rather than raster ones that need to be live-traced. Ugh). Would be SPECTACULAR.

  • MHeld

    Wanna win, fingers crossed… help prevent ugly vectors on the web…

  • Chris

    Yep I’ve been thinking about buying it but winning would be better :)

  • Yes…, I’d start with the halftones effects :) (thinking of buying it anyway if I don’t win)

  • Brandon

    Nice step up from managing all those global color swatches

  • This would totally be awesome to deal with, not having to figure out new tools in cs4 such as live color-or at least not stress if I don’t learn them quick enough. Just being able to use what knowledge I have of these similar tools from Photoshop.

  • I’d love a plug-in like this because illustration is constantly a challenge for me and I can use the extra options.

  • Illustrator with Photoshop powers is teh Abomb! imagine vector with photoshop editing capabilitied?

    With this tool i dont have to learn gradient mesh tool.. :)

  • I would LOVE to have this! I would use it on some complex shirt designs that I have in mind!

  • Mick Finn

    This looks great for us for adjusting our palettes in Illustrator cs3 of our building illustrationsderived from photographs in Photoshop. Durect adjustment – cool!

  • Simon

    the vector halftone sells it for me, let alone the changing colour on-the-fly!


  • oh dear god. I would use this for EVERYTHING!!!!

  • The Halftone and Duotone features are my favorite. It’ll definitley speed up my work and give me more options. Thank you!

  • Hi, I using illustrator in my design, it can save my time and improve my illustration. Thank you!

  • Luke

    This is an awesome prize. I forget from time to time that the colors in Illustrator do not work like they do in Photoshop. This would help solve a lot of wasted time.