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Creating complex seamless patterns in Illustrator can be a daunting task. If you have ever tried to create a perfect seamless pattern in Illustrator you probably know the obstacles that you will face. Ensuring that your tiles line up perfectly is usually the most difficult part of pattern creation and unless you have help, it’s usually up to you to use trial and error to make sure everything aligns properly.

is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that enables you to create seamless patterns quickly and in most cases effortlessly. I use this plug-in quite often and am just about always amazed with the results. Patterns that may have taken hours to create can now be made instantly. Simply draw a shape, click make, adjust the bounding box, and you have a pattern that you can use in your design.


Today, I’m excited to announce that the folks at Artlandia were kind enough to donate 1 copy of SymmetryWorks to one lucky Colorburned reader. To win a copy of this fantastic plug-in for Adobe Illustrator all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us how you would use this product. After that, Tweet this contest to your followers by clicking the “Tweet This” icon below.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter.
  • Tell us what you would do with SymmetryWorks if you were selected.
  • You may only comment once.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • Tweet this message by clicking here or on the “Tweet This” icon below
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m PST on Thursday, May 14.

To learn more about SymmetryWorks, please visit their website. Good luck everyone and please remember, if you are not lucky enough to win please consider purchasing a copy of this software.

Remember, we will be running giveaways on this site every so please check back frequently for the next 10 days or so for more awesome giveaways to celebrate this site’s 1st birthday!

Grant Friedman

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  • Repeated patterns here i come :)

  • I would use SymmetryWorks to create photo wallpaper for my newborns bedroom so he can get picked up by his school friends when they come over later on down the road.

  • Scott Fulk

    I would use it to make backgrounds for posters and fills in shapes.

  • SWEEEET!! This would be awesome!

  • If I were to win a copy of SymmetryWorks I would use it to create tons of patterns, digi-scrap papers, backgrounds, and then experiment to see what else I could do with it!

  • Daniel Tham

    I’d love to get a copy of symmetryworks!

  • Tim Hunt

    this would be great for multiple patterns in a background or a page design

  • If I were to win a copy of SymmetryWorks, I would start with making some cool patterns for a few business card ideas I have. I would then take the program and implement it on my website, as I’d like a clever seamless background. From there, I’d use it to make, for lack of a better word, “cool” notepads. I’d love to have some awesome scrap paper to write notes for clients on.

  • I wouldn’t sleep for weeks! I would stay up late figuring out every capability of the program. Creating patterns is fun for me, but I don’t do it very often because of the hassle. Solid colors are ok, but everything looks better when there is a good pattern in the background! I need to spice up my designs, and this would be the perfect way to do it.

  • Saif

    This tool would be great for creating patterned backgrounds for cards and posters.

  • Wow, this would be amazing to win! I would use it both in my design work and for freebies for Arbenting.

  • I would kill for this. I have lusted after Artlandia products for years. With SymmetryWorks I could further develop seemless backgrounds for new art projects.

  • Eli

    If I were to be selected, umm..

    I promise to clean up these here internets, and then make lots and lots of freebie patterns. And then clog the internet up again with free patterns.

    Thank you.

  • Seems a quite interesting tool to make textures and patterns, could be useful even in 3D texturing.

    Thank you

  • wow, sounds pretty cool! I’d use it to add a bit of depth to the background of my poster designs when it comes to doing loads of experimental stuff in a couple of weeks when I finish college! :D
    Retweeting now!

  • If I win I shall eat the software and allow it to give nutrition to my mouse fingers.

  • Wow, I’ve never heard of this plugin before. It would be AWESOME for creating cool eye-catching patterns to print out on t-shirts and hoodies!

  • Jean-Claude Tremblay

    Artlandia make some great software… This one in particular!

  • Trendez

    I’d love to have that plug-in. I have always admired pattern designers, so this would be a good treat for me :)

  • would be perfect for new charity site

  • Martin Cox

    Backgrounds … beautiful backgrounds!

  • To create print pattern background for huge illustrations.

  • This would be amazing to incorporate into some side projects that I’m working on. I spend so much time doing what this plug-in does effortlessly.

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  • A program like this could save my life, or at least the annoyance of creating repeating patterns in illustrator. Very useful.

  • I would use SymmetryWorks extensively next year in school at the College for Creative Studies. I will be majoring in Graphic Design. In addition to my use in school projects, I would use it in my freelance projects all summer to save money for college!

  • … I’d start creating patterns for textiles and backgrounds for webpages… And fill/patterns for icons, letterheads, posters and you name it! :D

  • ROCK.

  • I would use this to create patterns for my polymer clay necklace pendants. I also do a lot of Twitter backgrounds and this would help a lot. I hadn’t heard about this product until today.

  • web site background and packaging patterns. AWESOME!! Takes a whole bunch of work out of the work. And isn’t that what new technology is all about?!

  • Eric

    Seamless vector patterns are the fuel that drives great backgrounds. Pick me!

  • nice tool thanks..

  • I would use it to create cool patterns for my webpage :)

  • If I win, I would use this for a piece I’m working on right now, as well as a few I have percolating in my head.

  • Jason Owens

    Awesome plug-in!! I would use it to make background patterns I could then scale to any size without losing resolution. Please, pretty please!

  • Nate S

    this would be great to create seamless tile backgrounds for wallpaper and packaging

  • Julian Hill

    I use patterns in a lot of work I do–web backgrounds, print backgrounds, etc. I also do non-silver photography and heavily manipulate my images using Illustrator and Photoshop to create digital negatives. I can see where this plugin would help with that as well.

  • This is somethign that literally is a PAIN to do! I’ve never heard of SymmetryWorks before but it seems awesome! I’m obsessed with patterns and always have been, and this program would come in so useful for creating my own patterns to use in my own work for my University End of Year Show – I’m studying an exploration of fashion, and that includes patterns that are used in fashion. This would be brilliant in aiding me to create my own patterns that can be included in my work for my end of year show (probably getting me a better mark!) but also in future projects that I am bound to undertake. Awesome contest. :)

  • Brandon

    Cool, this looks like a very practical application.

  • I would definitely use for nice backgrounds or vintage patterns…

  • SIIK…been waiting for sumn like this 4eva.I can finally make some patterns effortlessly for my up and coming clothing line

  • Wow! This plugin looks rad! I design custom skateboards for a living and more often then not I get requests for some played out pattern for joe schmoes’s shop board… this would make my life alot easier!

  • I’ve never tried to make patterns, but I would be making a whole lot more with this!

  • This tool would be very useful to me, and I would probably use it everyday…hope I win :-)

  • Awesome! I’d use it to create business card backgrounds/web backgrounds and probably just about anything else that comes up! Maybe a t-shirt design too! Thanks & keep up the great blog..LOVE IT!

  • Forget world peace – I’m thinking world patterns! I’d create the biggest piece of wrapping paper known to man and wrap the entire Earth to give NASA and @Astro_127 something nice to photograph with the Hubble Telescope :)

  • I’d use these patterns to create hypnotic designs that I’d project through giant jumbotron screens, that I’d use to would control the minds of any and all who gazed upon them. Then I’d get everyone to join my twitter page so I can rub it in Ashton’s face… I might make a few backgrounds along the way too.

    Then we’d go for beers and talk about family guy… that Stewie is such a character.

  • I would use SymmetryWorks to create backgrounds for the web that are subtle and elegant. I would also use it to create textures for digital illustrations.

  • I would make beautiful scrapbook papers with this plug in! Thank you so much for the chance to win this!

  • Nice giveaway again !!
    I would use it to help me out when making backgrounds !!

  • Jason

    With SymmetryWorks I would tile the plane in a self-repeating way. Does Roger Penrose own a copy?

  • This would be awesome. I’d make cool laptop stickers all the live long day.

  • Mike Cheung

    I would use it for a websites. This would also help greatly when designing custom covers.

  • Perfect to create some fabric patterns!

  • Ed Dempsey

    The plug-in sure would help me make patterns I need for my projects. It is so time consuming now.

  • this looks like a really cool plugin…
    would use it for some shirt designs.. as background and for some nice website bg’s

    already twittered too …

    great contest again ;D

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  • The military could definitely do with some funky new camouflage designs. I’m thinking this plugin could be just the ticket ;)

  • I’d use this to save a ton of time doing what I already do. creating custom patterns to include in brochure design, web design and packaging design. Patterns are a key part of much of my work.

  • Well… let’s just say, every one has their addiction…. Patterns are mine. In a BIG, BIG way!!! I’d use it to color the world in posh paisleys, elevate everyone’s mood with a hip little houndstooth… and probably never leave my desk again!

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  • Angela Hinksman

    Hey! Not everything in life is perfect – but my patterns so HAVE to be :)

  • Tim

    I would totally use it for everything ever. lol

    custom patterns for hoodie mockups

  • Barb Thomas

    Symmetryworks looks like a wonderful tool to use with textiles, both to create new fabric prints, and for designing quilts.