Win Over 6,000 Vector Elements from ArtBox 7

Today, we’ve got another amazing giveaway to tell you about. Our friends at ArtBox 7 are sponsoring yet another Colorburned giveaway, this time with their Complete Designer Set. That’s right, the whole shebang! All Supreme Sets including over 6000 vector elements for you guys to use in your work. Normally the Complete Designer Set would set you back $259 but today Colorburned and ArtBox 7 are giving this set away for free to 1 lucky Colorburned reader. To win, all you have to do is comment below and tell us what you would do with this amazing set of vector elements.

Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us what you would do with this amazing set of vector elements.
  • Only comment once.
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  • Please leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 5 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Friday, November 27, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.
Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • I love the stuff at ArtBox 7! Of course I would be using it in some of my more creative pieces. I don’t tend to use these in jobs, mostly just in artistic stuff.
    .-= Mathew Ballard´s last blog ..You Need to Get Glued to =-.

  • I’d love to have those tools, and as a student I’d use them to help me do the work I’m already doing: I do a lot of designs for campus-organization t-shirts, posters for upcoming events, and illustrations for the school newspaper. Winning this could help my design get bigger and move forward in a big way, which is becoming increasingly important as my college days are soon coming to a close.

  • This would be so beneficial!! I would use them in my designs as well as to make wallpapers for the community.

  • I’d love to win this set. Great tool for my works.
    .-= Jacobo Villegas´s last blog ..Popular TV show website designs =-.

  • i would use it for motion or t-shirts or maybe i would use it for stickers… i don’t know because design and creativity are in everything!!

  • Bindi

    I am graphic designer so there is no doubt its gonna very very useful and helpful to me and for my work…

  • Oh man, I would use these amazing vector sets to rid the world of that dreaded, what do you call it, minimalism??

  • Maryam Mahmoud

    Really really awesome stuff. Would love to get my hands on these. They are really inspiring……….not to mention, it would be nice to win something for once lol

  • Michael Jay Yap

    Infinite creativity for artistic pieces, this set would be such an uber resource for inspiration to produce some awesome work for sure!

  • Wayde

    Sweeet stuff!! would use them in 80% of my work i would say..

  • It´s Huge! It glows! I want it ;)

    Great stuff, and me as a Webdesigner needs this! ;) For personal Projects, for customers ect.
    .-= Richard Thiel´s last blog ..Was mich antreibt =-.

  • I would use them in my freelance web design work!
    .-= preist´s last blog ..preist: Learn to fold your own Sky King origami plane in this youtube video: =-.

  • Jeff Appareti

    artbox7 has the best sets! If I won the set, first I would brag to all of my friends. Then I’d use the art in my designs. Lastly, I’d brag to all of my friends.

  • Annukka

    Best competition ever. I make (mixed media) illustrations for magazines sometimes and would of course use the vectors as part of my work.

  • Richard Shelley

    I would totally use this on some projects soon! Please pick me!!!!

  • Nenad

    Just too perfect to be true :) this is one of the best giveaways…and it would be a great addition to find more inspiration for my work.

  • David

    I would use these suuuweeeet vectors to express Heaven on earth!

  • I would use them undoubtedly!
    Thanks. Maria.

  • Wow what a huge help to any designer. These sets look amazing.
    Whoever wins this one is a lucky fish!

  • Take over the world probably, one pixel at a time!

  • Amy

    I would definitely use these for some fantastic business card designs and probably posters too.

  • Jon Acedo

    yeah, I really want to have that set

  • I will use it in my next astonishing web project!

  • cool, nice one, as a beginning designer and design student it would be awesome to have a vector library like these for college projects or for my blog and other webdesign projects.
    .-=´s last blog ..Vintage Geschenkverpackung selbst gestalten =-.

  • Craig Paterson

    What a fantastic prize, these vectors, brushes and icons would be a fantastic addition to any creative’s arsenal of tools.

  • I’ll admit it, I’m not a great at drawing, whether it be on paper or the computer. I love to design layouts, and organize data in aesthetically pleasing ways for the eye, hence me being a student of graphic design! With this package, I can get most of a project’s artwork done quickly, leaving me more time to concentrate on laying out illustrated elements and data in visually dynamic ways!

  • I will use it to make the world a better place through design.

  • OOOH! What wouldn’t I do?! Brushes, vectors…hmm, wedding invitations, advertisements, brochures…websites…
    Looks like wonderful fun.


    Hello, Great stuff both for Print and Web.
    Would love to use them.
    big up.

  • That’s a great stuff to win. I’d like to have one :)

  • Great giveaway. This would be a valuable tool for anyone who does creative work.
    .-= chunkydesign´s last blog ..Zazzle Friday 5 =-.

  • Hey, great comp.

    Not only would i use them to create beautiful designs, but as a credit crunch saving i would use them to design some lovely xmas cards and birthday cards for all my buddies and family. No to shop bought! Homemade is best made


  • Electroshogun

    What a potential bargain! I would use the giveaway to take over the world…

  • John

    The Artbox 7 sets look amazing!

    If I won, I’d run around naked for 10 minutes, then take some deep breaths, and just start designing.

  • This looks like a great contest. Good luck to all!!

  • David A.

    Great stuff. I´ll use in my next project

  • i would love these vector to improve my wallpaper and poster designs for upcoming personal projects aswell as to spruce up my personal portfolio.
    .-= jared thompson´s last blog ..Awesomely Designed Band T-shirts =-.

  • I would definitely use them on my designs!

  • I would use them for a new poster I’m creating right now that’s lacking elements :) Hope I will win :)
    .-= Ivan Tolmachev´s last blog ..You Can Go Fuck Yourself. An Ultimate Guide of Choosing the Right Clients =-.

  • This is great!
    I would definitely use them on my futures projects!

  • This is great!
    I would definitely use them on my projects!

  • I would make 6000 different t-shirts and sell each one for 10 bucks. You do the math… Cha-ching!!!

  • Nick

    This set is the most awesome of the awesomest things on earth

  • Joel Thomas

    I would use these for a concert series I am helping to promote- there are some awesome elements in there that would certainly add to my design.

  • Morgu3

    I need this set because I’m so bad with illustrator :P

  • Steve Robillard

    I would use these to enhance the looks of my designs. As a one man show I design a very diverse group of hings, web sites, ads, promotional materials etc. This would really ad some style and polish to my designs.

  • Wow, these are sweet. I could find hundreds of uses for them. WordPress themes, wallpapers, posters, flyers, … really almost everything we design.
    .-= Bill | Edward Rayne´s last blog ..The Three Elements of SEO Campaigns =-.

  • I would use these awesome designer sets for my freelance print and web designing. Thank you!!

  • Zeljko Galetic

    I would just use it… everywhere! ^^

  • Bronwyn

    What an amazing contest! This honestly, would be a dream come true. As for what I would do if I won it; the skies the limit!!!

  • Nate S

    This would be great for poster designs

  • I need this for my posters, print projects. I like swirls, wings, old swirls and emblemats and street life elements. I love artbox value. I tweet this message. My twitter id: warstwydotcom. Great giveaway. Cheers
    .-= adam´s last blog ..Kilka s?ów od FAMA FAMILIA =-.

  • Devon

    ummmm wow… i can’t start to count the number of ways i could utilize this in my work.

  • Anita Hansson

    I love vectors! As an architect I use them everywhere for everything! I pull them and press them and fullfill all my drawings with them! Publications, presentations and all the other fun stuff I do! What would my world be without vectors?!

    So please make me happy – it’s all so gray in Sweden righet now so som new vectors would make my day(‘s)!


  • Maryann

    Wow! This set would really enhance all of my design projects from web sites to posters to brochures. You guys are great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mike C

    This would be amazing. I’d use them in website graphics, t-shirt designs, wallpaper, and possibly get into tattooing hamsters for a living. How great would that be!

  • Randy Major

    I’d use it to advance my skills and to make myself a better designer!

  • I would use it for learning more about creating my own vectors as well as for my own creations and art pieces! This is a fantastic giveaway! Oh I wanna win :)
    .-= LaDonna´s last blog ..Free Packaging Templates – Over 100 items! =-.

  • Woah! this is massive! I would totally use these vectors in all of my designs (especially print related). T-shirts, wallpapers, business cards. The possibilities are endless!

    thanks for hosting this, really cool stuff :)
    .-= Phil D.´s last blog ..Phillysoul11: 65 Random Thoughts Everyone Has Had =-.

  • What a great deal, I’d love to get my hands on those…

    Big fan of your blog!

  • Ken

    This would be a new beginning to designing with some good quality assets =)!

  • I would like this!

  • Ruben

    These prizes just keep getting better and better…there’s no doubt that this would just add to the design experience, so count me in!

  • Julie

    I’d use these in what freelance graphics work (usually brochures and business cards) I can get to pay bills and put food on the table.

  • I would use the brush set the most! High quality brushes to flesh out areas in my art are always welcomed!

  • Ankit Bathija

    I would love to win this…

  • I would love to win this. Awesome prize!
    .-= Tomas´s last blog ..20 Amazing Artworks for Inspiration =-.

  • Cool prize, I’d use these in some upcoming creative pieces I want to do. I’m sure they’d make their way into other stuff too.

  • Adriano Silva

    I would make better websites with this vectors instead of use my nephews’ draws.

  • Oh I will love it! It will increase my vectors collection, and of course give it good use in some design :D

  • really useful stuff for any designer! i would use this for my future prints.
    .-= davidg´s last blog ..Latest work: Dac’as fi rege (If I Were King) =-.

  • I could really use this prize

    Lastest Blog post
    50 free greeting cards giveaway

  • Megan Carpenter

    This would be simply amazing!!!! I have dabbled in design for quite awhile now with t shirts cards etc… This would help big time and give me more stuff to work with. :)

  • Artist of America

    I would use this amazing set of vector elements to super charge my creative options, thus unlocking my creative potential and creating something new.

  • Marcelo

    well, I would make a special soup of forms and colors.

  • After I wiped the drool off my keyboard, I would play play play!!

  • What would I do with this? What wouldn’t I do with this. Tons of possibilities. Also could be a very big time saver. I could definitely see a lot of this being used in all varieties of work.

  • I would make some awesome sh!t with these elements!

  • I just started my small Internetagency so money and time is rar. This Package would be a great help to improve my works and make life easier for me.

    So supporting me with my new business is pretty much the best reason i can think of to give it to me :)

    PS: Coming Soon Page will be released tonight

    Kind regards,

  • First of all, I’ve never won anything in my life! It’d be infinitely awesome to win these!

    Other than that I would use these in my designs. I’m working on getting a scrapbook company off the ground. (Think papers, embellishments, printed ribbons, etc) I want to start small, print some stuff off and take it to local craft shows and whatnot and these would bring me way closer to getting my name out there like Me & My Big Ideas or Basic Grey (HUGE scrapbooking companies!)

    I have a 3 year old, so my cash flow is extremely limited, so winning these is the only way I could ever have such a great tool at this point in time!
    .-= creative.chaos´s last blog ..New Logo Design Idea =-.

  • Woaw. I’d make good use of all of this in apparel and web design. Nice giveaway people!

  • Would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s tool box. Preferably mine! lol

  • Ann Allen

    I would give them to my daughter, she is a senior in Graphics Arts School. She would know a billion different ways to use them spectacularly.

  • We use vector graphics all the time at work for site designs and application enhancements…I’m sure 6,000 more wouldn’t break the bank!
    .-= Jason Reed´s last blog ..Introducing SPORT NGIN LIVE =-.

  • Ooh, I’d LOVE to get my hands on this set! As a design professional, I’m sure there are a million-and-one creative uses I could find for a bumper crop of vectors.

  • I would finally make myself a logo!

  • I’d have fun!

  • Great giveaway! I would use these to revamp some clients materials and my own. Additionally, as a winner, I would forever sing the praises of Colorburned.

    .-= Tony Sarrecchia´s last blog ..Illustration Friday: Music =-.

  • Brandon

    Nice one… I’d put it in my vault for a rainy day. Some wall stencils would be cool, no?

  • Joe Seven

    I just joined a screen printing studio to “get in touch” with my hands-on analog creative side. Nothing wrong with a computer screen, but it starts to hurt the ol’ eyes after awhile! I’d definitely use some of these elements to get the ball rolling with my poster designs.

  • Melissa A

    I would die to have this set for working on my website developments and personal use for my digital arts, scrapbooking,etc. This would be my birthday come true! My is the day after Thanksgiving this year and that would be the icing on my cupcake! :)

  • I work for a Non-Profit in Colorado. We are trying to expand throughout the country and internationally. I would love to use the graphics for our print and web educational campaigns.

  • francey t.

    I would love to have these to do design work for scrapbooking papers. These are fantastic!

  • Kari K

    I’d be busy for hours on end designing. It would be a great asset to my beginning web design work.

  • Cool! I would do everything with this… that’s right, I said *everything*… : )
    .-= Christa Holland´s last blog ..Inspiration: Self-Portraits 2 =-.

  • Tye

    I would use them to create wonderful digital scrapbook pieces, wallpapers, and incorporate them in many other design projects I am working on!

    Very Awesome set!

  • leosapiens

    I am a graphic design student, nearly out into the world, building my portfolio and trying to get myself on my feet. This will help, immensely. :)

  • I’m a graphic webdesigner so it’s always usefull!

  • Ed Dempsey

    It would help me with all of my web and graphic projects. What a Christmas present this would make!

  • We would use these vectors to end world hunger and global warming. If that didn’t work out, we’d make kick ass websites and graphic design projects. And of course we’d tweet, blog and facebook about winning them and how awesome they are!
    .-= Brian DeKoning´s last blog ..How To Create a Fanpage on Facebook With Custom HTML =-.

  • Trent

    I’m a relatively new to freelance designer and this would be an amazing way to kickstart my career.

  • V J Spindler III

    Doing all the graphic work for a local community theater’s posters and advertising campaign sometimes leads to brain freeze when it comes to design. Not having a design background, I need all the help I can get. The addition of the ArtBox 7 design package would be a tremendous help since the majority of my designs end up being an amalgamation of various graphic elements blended in Photoshop.

  • iklektik


  • I would use them to create fantastic t-shirt designs. I would also use them at my day job at a Florida university because they do not give me any budget for graphics.

  • What would I use these for? What WOULDN’T I use all this for!


  • Mare

    This would be a wonderful design gift. I have 6000 projects that would make the vectors feel right at home! Thanks ArtBox7!

  • rik121

    This is an awesome set of artwork. It would work wonders on many of my projects including logos, websites, and print. These would work great even in the design process as inspiration for other ideas. SWEET!!!

  • I would use them to create some memorable graphics for my dead grandmother’s funeral t-shirts.

  • Now that is a set any Designers would drool over, thanks again for the great competition :)

  • LivE

    oooh! i would paint them on my walls, cook them for lunch and serve them for dinner, spread them on the floor while i grovel on my knees in gratitude–and then i would use them on the designs that i create for people who love preserving their memories and precious moments in their scrapbooks. i would LOVE to have this awesome set! :D

  • Graf-fx

    This would be so awesome to win, it would help me with different projects I’m working on at work. Sometimes you need different brushes or icon, for various projects, and sometimes I don’t have the time to create them, so this would be a real time saver.

  • Joyce Davis

    I would use them in the Cards I make. I have recently purchased Photoshop CS4 and I would like to use some different Vector artwork in making my cards.

  • Padwan Leinad

    what i would do? it’s more like; what wouldn’t i do?
    with these i would design myself to freedom. nothing less.

  • Brooke

    I would use these to bring about world peace! :D
    oh, and to make pretty pictures and great big fancy websites :)


  • Red

    What would I do with the amazing set of vector elements if ever I win? Abuse the hell out of it, what else?

  • I Would Love Life with them!

  • Kylie Larsson

    I would use them to make the world a prettier place. :p

  • I would trick all my friends into thinking I can actually draw.

  • Kristen

    Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

    I love this quote and I love getting new material to work with to spur my creativity! This package would be wonderful to win and I would use it to add to my work of fliers and other promotions I do.

  • Wow I can’t believe I missed this contest!
    .-= Roberto Blake´s last blog ..New Book- ARTFUL MANIPULATIONS =-.

  • wow, loads of people entering! ;-) lucky winner somewhere! i would use it every day on my websites, i design and build websites, then i would make blogs and tell the whole world how much more productive my designs have become!
    .-= Paul´s last blog ..Lutterworth Santa Fun Run =-.

  • Bugger! just my luck to miss out on this.