Win a Free Copy of Knoll Light Factory (x2) – Comment to Win

I love giving away free stuff on this site and this week I’ve got 2 copies of Knoll Light Factory to give away to you guys.  Knoll Light Factory is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to design photo-realistic or enhanced lighting effects and can be used to add flare or sparkle to any photograph or image.  Knoll Light Factory was originally designed by Photoshop co-creator John Knoll to generate Photon Torpedoes for the Star Trek movies.  So if you’re looking to create some amazing flares or effects in your designs, Knoll Light Factory is really what you need.

The folks at Digital Anarchy were kind enough to donate 2 copies of this amazing plug-in to you guys just in time for the Holidays.  So please leave a comment for a chance to win this great tool for Photoshop.

Up for Grabs
2 copies of Knoll Light Factory.  Winners will be chosen by random.

The Rules

  • Leave a comment to enter.  Explain how you would use Knoll Light Factory.
  • Only comment once.
  • You must enter a valid email address.
  • Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, December 23.

flares.jpgGood luck!  To learn more about this plug-in or if you’d just like to go ahead and purchase a copy visit Digital Anarchy’s website.  In the meantime, take a look at some of the designs I came up with using the software.






Compare Knoll Light Factory and the default Photoshop plug-in.

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • Show me my copy :)

  • Great Contest! I would use it to create a magnificent explosion or some cool lighting effect to place somewhere on my site! Looks like fun ;)
    Thanks again! Good luck to the winners!

  • This plug-in would be cool to make some awesome web page backgrounds! =]

  • Oh this would be so useful in my artwork! I would use it for lighting effects in my photo-manipulations for my clients and for my personal work. Looking back, I have ideas how it could have been used on many of my pieces.
    Great Contest! Good luck to every one and Happy Holidays!

  • lisa

    I would use this plug-in all of the time! I love the efffect.

  • Andrew B. Stine

    I love my lighting effects and this one is brilliant! Please pick me. All I’m getting for the holidays is white t-shirts and a new jar of JIF…
    Happy Holidays- keep nouping!

  • Ann

    Really cool feature to brighten up images / drawings!!

  • What a stellar contest. Those details look so much better than the standard light “effects” on photoshop.

  • chuckzwood

    Right away I thought of using it to add a little something extra to metallic styled text!

  • what a cool way to enhance a photo! love the before and afters :)

  • Tim

    YAY! I would use it to make cool stuff.

  • GlennDavid

    i wouldn’t use it, i would cherish it and use it only when that i need to enhance that one special picture, that image that blasts me away, just like this plugin does.

  • I use the plugin to make a flashlight, so I could find my keys…

  • this would be great to enhance some photos!

  • Sounds good!
    I want to use to remaster my fractals.

  • Sounds good!
    I want to use to remaster my fractals.

  • Sounds good!
    I want to use to remaster my fractals.

  • chris

    This would be a huge timesaver for the amount of headshot style retouching that I have been doing lately.

  • That seems cool, Im in :)

  • Nice prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I’m in like Flynn.

  • Would use plug in to create lighting effect shining through logo.

  • Jeroen Weymiens

    Cool contest.
    Well, I would use it to make awesome stuff for school.

  • Scott

    This looks great. Would love to try it on myself

  • Don’t know how I will use right now, but I’m sure I will.

  • Wow! I would love to those flare style in my designs.

  • What a stupid idea. Who would want something that didn’t work with GIMP?! Seriously, what are you thinking. Can’t you just ‘twitter’ like the rest of us web professionals?
    OK, you got me. I don’t know what I was thinking there. I’m so Photoshop challenged challenged. Just look here: God knows I could use all the help I can muster.
    CU on Twitter and Thanks!

  • i think i’d probably start a new logo based on a lense flare. definately. no not really, but i would LOVE to add this to my arsenal of tools. really love the knolls. both of them :)

  • This is an exciting contest. Plenty of fun with light that we could add anywhere.

  • Looks like an excellent plugin! I am thinking of using it to jazz up a fiber optics image I took.

  • I want to see the light!

  • SMMbutterfly

    I would use this to scare my husband into buying me a new laptop :)

  • terry

    As a member of Digital Nuts, every week I have to “improve” 7 photos and often catchlights are essential to the improvement (among other uses) – I’d love to have a lighting program to help with these changes. I tried Akvis’s light effects program but it sure did crash and was mostly fireworks (which are cool but separate effects). Terry

  • It’s really great. I want it =)

  • I would use it to create a really cool twitter background. Not sure what it would be yet, but I’m sure I could throw in some light effects…thanks for doing this.

  • Ryan Lewis

    Nice one! this looks like a useful plugin, for once!

  • I’d use this plugin in my work creating WordPress themes, tutorials, and personal work.
    My birthday is the 22nd :) It’d be like a late present :)

  • I’ll use Knoll Light Factory to make my angry boss smile shine, even a bit.

  • Yes please!

  • Jesse Weaver

    Ooh Ooh, me please? Always nice to add something to the arsenal!

  • Hi …
    that plug-in will enhance my art work ….

  • I love lighting effects, but the default PS flares can be spotted a mile away. Awful! This looks particularly adept to adding punch to my photographs without it looking obviously photoshopped. Thanks!

  • Sounds good!
    I want to use to remaster my fractals.

  • Good stuff! Looks like a really useful plugin for all the Photon Torpedoe-ing I do

  • Steve Robillard

    I would add some lighting effects to the new theme I am developing called heavy metal.

  • That looks extremely useful. It’s amazing how good subtle lighting can really bring an image to life. Love it!

  • Light effects are always cool, so I’d use it to do just that.

  • Oscar

    nice plugin would love to try it out

  • I can use this effect for a new banner on my website. Looks cool!

  • Oh yea I could have fun with this one! :)
    Good luck to all!

  • I would definitely use it to scare nonpaying clients! No, really….I would use it to redesign a concept for a new venture for 2009.


    I’d use it to bring a little light to peoples lives :)

  • Not sure if we are supposed to comment here or on digg (it does not clearly specify). But from what i can see of the before and after shots, this would be an elegant way to add magic to those photos where your camera didn’t quite capture the moment the way your eyes saw it, and to be able to re-engineer the shot so that the light does play and glow the way it did in reality, if not in your originally captured image. A lot of fun for those of us who try to turn our photography into art, and our art into a form of digital expression that exceeds those bounderies. Looking forward to exploring at the first opportunity!

  • Sweet! I’d use it for….well, i guess it’s pretty obvious, to make some sweet stuff!

  • Yuki

    I’d like to use this plagin for my new web site which to post my photos.
    It will help to make so nice web!

  • Steve

    I would use it for the good of mankind, to only enhance design and not to desecrate it and create bad design.

  • It would be alot sweater than using Illustrator flaretool

  • WilhelmR

    I just LOVE the one-comment contest!
    gimmi gimmi gimmi, lol
    Keep up the good work :)

  • Ashish

    I don’t like Photoshop lighting plug ins. I would use it to replace them to make better design :)
    Thank you for opportunity.

  • I work a lot with light, and would love to add this to my toolbox

  • Well, I always have to design product shots; this plugin would help me a lot. And for those wallpapers everyone is designing, this would be pure gold.

  • Great contest! I’ll try to write a tutorial with it!

  • I would play with this way too much. I’m so in.
    Fire ze missiles!

  • Ed

    This plugin would sure look nice under my Christmas tree.

  • Seb

    This looks like a great plugin, count me in please.

  • I would use this plugin in my development of websites for the many domain names that I own. I look forward to winning a copy of this software.

  • Jim

    I recently branched out into print advertising design. This plugin would be a great way to add interest to both web and print backgrounds.

  • NJohnson

    I would use it to enhance my nature photos as well as create new lighting effects to the many current images I have.

  • This looks really neat. My boss is always encouraging me to implement lighting effects into my work so this would be definitely up my alley to help with our corporate work and clients.

  • Awesome! I would use the plug-in to enhance the 3-D renders that I’m teaching myself to make.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  • nate

    would love to have this

  • I never win, but I’ll comment just in case. :)

  • I cannot imagine what amazing stuff I can do with this plugin!

  • Wow, this looks like an amazing program!

  • id love to see a copy of this, help me help my clients with knol light factory

  • These effects look really cool.

  • Pyrowolf

    I’d use it to build up portfolio work.

  • Rachelle

    I’d use it to add some enhancements to my photography! I do lots of work that could use that extra bling. :D

  • …my blog needs a cmplete overhaul…

  • Michael

    I’d use it on that picture of me unzipping my pants.

  • Would be so great to have. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Well I been using Knoll Light Factory since it’s introduction in the mid 90’s – it is an indispensable tool for motion designers. But I would love a copy for my home machine.

  • Karen

    This is something I could have used so many times previously, so there will definitely be projects that it’ll come in handy – print, web and animation! I would love a copy of this please, especially as I’m due to update my own website (which is why I haven’t linked to it – embarrassment!). Thanks

  • Ressa

    This looks like it would be great from enhancing my photos.

  • Oh yes please thank you :)

  • Very cool. Lots of potential applications: web backgrounds, posters, illustrations.
    Because it’s a PS plugin, it would also be really interesting to see how it works with After Effects, so I can see myself experimenting there too, with my animation work :)

  • I would give it to my daughter to use with her copy of Photoshop. It would help her build her photography biz AND she could help me with special effects when I need them. A great win-win. Thanks :)

  • Very nice prize :D
    I probably would use it in the development of websites, could make some cool effects on a header also would be cool for some of the wallpapers i want to do next year.

  • WOW! What a great opportunity you have given your readers & followers! Thank you so much! Looks a very cool application!! Happy Holidays!

  • David G.

    niiiiiiiice! :)

  • leon1967 ( King of Plug-in)

    I would add little shiny things everywhere around the world, cause that’s what the world needs now!
    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

  • One can never have too much plugins or too much light effects, I heard :)

  • I promise, should I win this contest, not to abuse or overuse the plug-in. I will use it discreetly, and will hopefully never evoke a reaction of “Oh, what pug-in did he use to do that?!?”

  • Christa

    I would use this to enhance my photography.

  • Jean-Claude Tremblay

    This is indeed a cool product. It could turn a “flat” image into an amazing one.

  • Wow… that’s an awesome plugin, definately better than the typical Photoshop lense flare. And that’s why I would want this plugin. I paint a webcomic and occasionally have to make lense flares, and let’s face it, Photoshop’s basic lighting effects are subpar. I frequently handpaint lighting effects. A plugin could definately help the process along.

  • Robert Brown

    Would love to win a copy

  • Gary Godby

    My toolbox is missing this one last piece! What an arsenal it would be to have this plugin.
    Thanks for the chance to possibly snag one.

  • JR

    I’d make everything shiny and glowy.. glowy pics of eyeballs, babies, cats..