Winner Announcement: Check out Stock Graphic Designs for Some Awesome Vector Packs

Last week our friends at Stock Graphic Designs sponsored a generous giveaway here on Colorburned. Stock Graphic Designs sells some awesome vector graphics on their website and they were kind enough to donate 30 sets to the readers of this website. To win a free set, all you guys had to do was leave a comment and tell us which set that you wanted to win. Over the weekend, we selected 30 winners at random to redeem a free vector set from Stock Graphic Designs.

Before we announce the winners however we would first like to thank Stock Graphic Design for sponsoring the giveaway and encourage those of you who didn’t win to consider purchasing some of their vectors in the future.

Now for the Winners!

  1. Miguel
    Hand Drawn Floral Pack
  2. Guisella
    Vol. 10: Hand Drawn Decorative Elements
  3. Phil D.
    Hand Drawn Floral Set #3
  4. Aditi
    Hand Drawn Floral Set 3
  5. Rad
    Hand Drawn Floral
  6. Mustafa Quilon
    Flowing Curves
  7. Stephen Saucier
    Vector Tree Pack
  8. Angela
    Hand Drawn Floral
  9. Phil Harrison
    Hand Drawn Decorative Pack
  10. Ray
    Sketchy Heraldry
  11. Gigi
    Floral Text Frame – Set: 4
  12. Steve van Durme
  13. Lindsay
    The Destroy Series
  14. Jeremy
    Building Series
  15. Dino
    Hand Drawn Decorative
  16. Aerendyl
    Hand Drawn Floral Pack
  17. Brandon
    Hand Drawn Decorative
  18. Twe4ked
    Handrawn Floral Set
  19. F.T.M.
    Hand Drawn Floral
  20. Dana Birdie
    Tree Pack
  21. Sobi
    Floral Text Frame – Vol: 1
  22. Marnix
    Hand Drawn Floral Pack
  23. BebopDesigner
    Flowing Curves
  24. Peach
    Building Series
  25. Dian
    Hand Drawn Floral – Vol: 1
  26. Glenn Van Bogaert
    Destroy Series
  27. Maryann Purcell
    Destroy Edges
  28. Collin
    Hand Drawn Decorative
  29. Brian
    Building Pack
  30. Sotiris
    Vol. 2: Hand Drawn Decorative Elements

If you were chosen as a winner, we have forwarded your contact information on to the guys at Stock Graphic Designs. They will be in touch shortly. Congratulations!

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • Mustafa Quilon

    Sweet! I won :D Thank you @colorburned and Stock Graphic Designs!!

  • Wow, i won! Never won anything for free in my life! Thanks colorburned for this and thanks Stock Graphic Design. Congrat to you too @mustafaquilon :D

  • It appears that there is a problem with your blog.. my name is not on the list :).

  • steve van durme

    I won !!!, Thank you Colorburned and Stock Graphic Design, that’s amazing, big up (:

  • Thanks Grant! Congrats to all winners and thanks to all participants.
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  • I won! :D
    i didn’t know i could ask for the whole set :D
    either way thx! :)

  • Glenn Van Bogaert

    Yes, I won. I’ve already downloaded my set. Thank you Colorburned and Stock Graphic Designs.

  • Stellar I won! Now if Amazon could get your book sent out properly today would be a good day!

    Thanks guys!

  • Congratulations, everyone. CB… another successful giveaway contest, keep up the great work!
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  • Thank you Colorburned and Stock Graphic Designs :D, loved the giveaway.

    Keep it up!!

  • Yay! This is brilliant! Thanks Colorburned and Stock Graphic Designs!!
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  • Sobi

    Great!! I won and downloaded!!! Thanks to colorburned and Stock graphic designs.

  • Aerendyl

    I just downloaded my pack. Thanks guys you are the best! :)

  • F.T.M.

    Yea! Finally won something! These are fantastic! Thank you.

  • Congrats to the lucky winners!
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  • Thanks for picking me :)

  • Maryam Mahmoud

    boo hoooooooooo…………..sniff sniff, congrats to the winners…….sniff sniff

  • sriganesh

    congrtas to winners :), others better luck next time