2 Lucky Readers to Win a Free Copy of Billings 3 for Mac

Hello everybody! Guess what? It’s time for yet another exciting Colorburned giveaway! Today’s giveaway is sponsored by our friends at Marketcircle who were generous enough to donate 2 copies of Billings 3 to the readers of this website.

Billings 3 is a Mac only app that allows you to track your time and invoice your clients. Accurate time tracking is an essential part of any service-based business that bills by the hour. This is especially true for graphic and web designers who want to bill their clients fairly and honestly. Billings 3 has several features that will help you accomplish this. Including a menu bar timer that will allow you to track your time in any application, one click invoicing, balance alerts to ensure that you don’t forget about an outstanding invoice, the ability to send statements, and much more!

Billings 3 is an excellent app and can be yours if you leave a comment below and tell us how it would help your business.


Up for Grabs


  • Leave a comment to enter. Tell us how Billings 3 would help your business.
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  • Only comment once.
  • Leave a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • This is a 7 day contest. Entries will be accepted until Monday, August 3, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.

Good luck everyone!

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Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • I would love this! Right now I manually insert from a spreadsheet into inDesign. And this has so many uber geeky features that I must have it! That is if your random generating doo-hickey favors me and if the moons and stars are aligned of course.

    *off to find a crow’s foot and some cinnamon*
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  • This would go very well with my new macbook! I recently switch from PC and haven’t had time to look into billing softwares for mac, so it would come right in handy! Doing manual indesign invoices is booooring… Looking to try this one out.
    Thanks for the contest and keep up the great work on your blog!

  • I’d like to win this copy of Billings 3.0 for my brother. he’s currently a freelance programmer, who works hard but needs a proper system in place. he’s been doing ok for himself, and has the talent and skill however he really lacks the organization that comes with a beautiful mac program like MarketCircle’s Billings 3.0.

    i’m personally a freelance graphic artist/photographer/videographer and have been using Billings 3.0 all the way back to 1.0.

    went through the growing pains of such a beautifully designed app. not many of them to be honest.

    i’d just like my brother to get the chance to set his business right from the start, and since he’s new to mac since november this would be a great way to show him the incredibly rich and vibrant community of mac software developers out there with quality apps.

    sorry, don’t mean to sound like a kiss-ass but i ADORE billings. couldn’t run my freelance work without it. and there’s NOTHING out there to compete with it in this league.

  • Billings 3 would help my business as i currntly do it all by hand… invocies,quotes all that.. have tired it out and worked well for the time i used it.
    I will tweet this link!

  • Morgu3

    Billings 3 will be perfect for me because, for a coincidence, in few days my shiny-new MacBook Pro will be delivered at my house and I’m planning to start a freelance company with my boyfriend :)

  • I’m going to throw all my windows-pc’s through the window, the only thing what it’s good for and move on to Mac :)
    In that case I don’t have a billing system anymore, so this would come in handy!

  • 1 sentence:
    It will help me :)
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  • Josh

    Nice giveaway guys!! I’m a seriously so sick of my current app I use for billing. This would be a nice way to move away from it and start billing with ease :)

  • I’m not looking for sympathy, but I was laid off a little over a month ago from a long standing agency job as a graphic designer. I saw it coming, but I’m still scrambling to get my freelancing going. When you’ve been working in an agency for a long time you take things, like billing, for granted. Someone else took care of it and all I had to do was be my creative self. I think the Billings 3 will help me be more effective in the business side of graphic design. Thanks.

  • I’m starting my small business in exactly 5 days and Billings would really start to help me kick it off.
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  • It’s an invoice software and I’m a business man… sure it can help my business (especially the tracking time function!)

  • Lisa

    Ooh, this would be great for both me and my husband. I do digital scrapbook pages and photo restoration for clients and my husband is a IT professional who does odd jobs on the side for friends. We got a Mac in December for my business and my husband liked it so much that he’s also getting one soon. Would LOVE to have software like this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • It certainly would be a great help!

  • I have tried several billing software for my freelance venture of but not had any luck. Billings would be right up my alley in terms of what I need to keep track of income/outgoings and be able to bill my clients in a professional manner! :)

  • Andrew

    Awesome, being able to track my time more efficiently would benefit me greatly!

  • Mat

    Et voilà ! I am going to become a freelance webdeveloper. It’s useless to say why this application is THE application which I need..

  • Alf Knutsen

    This app is a great one, have been using the demo previously and it fulfills all my needs for accounting and invoices. Also the timekeeping is excellent. Thanks to billings my system runs smooth.

  • Getting my macbook pro next month, so this would come right on time! This would be great to bill my clients in a professional way!

  • brrasic

    I start with my first freelance business. Billing 3 help me to organize my business.

  • Billings is a lovely app. Using it a few days as trial, I’m considering buying it. But maybe I won’t have to :)

  • the app looks awesome. it would really help me with my freelance business. i’d love a copy!
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  • benem

    I would use Billings3 for invoicing my freelance work. I already checked the billings web site a while ago and was impressed by the application!

  • I need something to keep track of billing – I’d love to give this a shot. :)

  • Man is this great. Currently I’m working off of spreadsheets with my own formulas then copying over to Word where, while I have my logo there, Billings 3’s professional graphics are just the icing on the cake of a great software package. I’m now collaborating on projects with other designers and having a way to track their time as well as mine would be so incredible.

  • Right now each staff member tracks their own time and then enters it into InvoiceMachine to send to the client. We’d love a system that does both to avoid the wasted time of double entry as well as one that allows us to customize the way the invoice looks!

  • Jason Owens

    Awesome!! I can so use this to organize all the billing for my customers. Please, Please, Please!!!!

  • I’m looking forward to winning!

  • MK

    I’m good at sending invoices out but I’m bad at figuring out who payed me and when. I lose track, because right now I just use a table in Pages. Something official to keep it all sorted would probably save my life.

  • Billings 3 will allow me to spend more time being creative, less time being an accounting geek. Please… pick me!

  • One of my friends who works as a freelancer is actively using Billings and I always liked the way he manages his business on Billings. Me being a freelancer at the same time, I believe my clients will be impressed if they saw the quality and the efficiency of the billings systems I use.

  • Thanks for the giveaways!
    I’m starting up my own Photography business (& I’d like to do some design on the side, but one mountain at a time!) This would be so helpful in keeping myself organized!
    [rq=184684,0,blog][/rq]Dear Green Shoes,

  • It would definitely help me to be more organized when keeping up with the time I spend on projects.
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  • I would love to have Billings because I already started my own business. Plus, I bought iMac and would love to have Billings in it. The Billings is so cool to have it.

  • Mauricio

    This one could help me to organized my bills and make my starting bussiness more rentable and offcourse make more money.

  • I’m thinking to start to work as a freelance or with my own company. I should really appreciate to win a copy of this program, cause i was thinking to buy … but now .. I will wait until the end of this giveaway.
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  • I’m a beginning web freelancer and Billings would be the be all, end all software for me to get my freelance business organized…! Invoicing, activity, etc. Plus it’ll look fabulous on my iMac :D

  • I currently use Billable which is FANTASTIC. Thing is development has stopped from what i can tell on it and all though its a solid app Its missing features Billings has.

  • woot! Billings is an impressive product. I’m a freelancer, so i don’t need anything that is complicated or has a steep learning curve- but i still need something to ‘just work’ so I can focus on income-generating work. I want to stay organized with the least amount of overhead possible, and Billings will help me to do this.
    Thanks for the offer!!

  • Taylor

    I would love to get my hands on a copy of this software. It would really help me keep my projects organized and I could spend more time on what matters most – the actually quality of the work I’m doing for my clients. Thanks!

  • I need this app for my work and I wonder if it will support Greek language in the future releases. Wish me luck people ;)

  • This would definitely help with taking care of the freelance clients. The software I use right now is very limited in its invoice generating capabilities.

    I think this would give me an edge over the competition.

  • I’m a young freelancer starting out, with not that much money and equipment, but with lots of oomph! :)
    This will help me greatly in figuring out what I’m charging who, and to give professional invoices and receipts. :)

  • I need a copy of Billings 3 because….I am starting a new design partnership with three other designers across four different states. I need an app that can help me keep up with all of the invoicing, billing and contractual payments.

  • HELP HELP HELP! I have been researching a good time management/billing tool for years. Finding the right one has been quite the challenge. We recently explored integrating FileMaker Pro into our company, but the programming costs were astronomical! I joined Prophit Marketing in 2006 after owning my own graphic design business for eight years. Ever since then I was the only designer on staff so managing estimates, invoices, time tracking and billing was a piece of cake. We’ve had the pleasure of quadrupling the graphic deign department since last August. How exciting!! But with that comes extra time managing. My biggest challenge is invoicing. It’s really important to me to credit each designer with the work that they do. It’s helps us set goals and grow the business. Managing all this in various Excel spreadsheets is becoming a great big hairy beast. Did I mention that was are also logging our time manually in two different places (on the job ticket and a daily time sheet). Enough is enough. Our department could REALLY benefit from this tool! Our client experience is #1. I’d like to keep it that way. This program would immensely increase our productivity!

  • I think it would just be nice to upgrade from manually creating spreadsheets. Using this in my freelance business would save me time, money and definitely look more professional!

  • I’m still using invoices I made in Illustrator, and billing with a spreadsheet I made in Excel. This would put me into the big time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Billing is a integral part of any business. I have read about this application and am very excited to put this to use. My business is really picking up and I need as much help as possible, especially with billing and sales. Help me keep the books straight Please:)

    Thanks for the opportunity
    Brian Klepper
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  • Adam

    I can not express how badly i need this. My friend and i are low payed employees at a university and do freelance work in order to get by. Handle the billing on top of everything else is a killer.

  • Billings 3 will be perfect for me because, I’m planning to start a freelance Design company

  • I have done freelance work in the past and did the standard poor designer thing and wrote up all my invoices by hand and then through them into InDesign. I plan on getting back into the business soon and having such a program to help out would be a great addition and allow me to have some more focus on getting work.

  • A must have piece of software especially where you are doing regular and periodic billings.

  • I’m currently using the demo of Billings 3 and absolutely love it, its increased productivity and left me with time to do my real design work and not have to worry about the tedious taks of writing down time spent on projects of filling around with complicated excel sheets. It’s been a lifesaver so far for me starting out my own business. Would really appreciate a copy of Billings 3!
    [rq=193564,0,blog][/rq]New Choons!

  • Ali Alavi

    I’m using invoices I made in InDesign.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • CJ

    I’ve looks into Billings before. This product would make my life so much easier. As a freelance designer, it’s important that your invoices be an extension of your brand. Currently I’m using a combination of Excel (for the formulas) and InDesign (for the layout). Billings seems like a great hybrid!

    Plus, I love Mac only software!

    Thanks for the contest Grant.

  • I love Mac only software. I love to be organized. I love to bill so I can be paid. Billings 3 would be perfect!

  • Tom Munsell

    I have just retired and intend to start a new business. This would be of great value in structuring the business.

  • Mark Campbell

    Billing my clients by the hour for design – accepted. Billing my clients hours for billing – not accepted. Billings – priceless

  • Big fan of the site and this software.
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  • I hate my current billing system…
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  • wendyhh

    I would SO like to have a copy of this. I am totally stressed by the work-all-day-make-no-money syndrome and NEED to be more diligent and organized about billing (just one of many things, unfortunately). I sure hope…….fingers crossed….eyes to the sky…..

  • just launched my own freelance studio..
    this would be a great start ;)
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  • I dont have a sob story like some people, but I am in need of this program. I am currently a start-up freelance designer, fresh out of college. Having a program such as Billings would greatly improve my organization and efficiency for clients.
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  • kat

    Just starting my freelance business and would love this headstart in the quoting and invoicing. It is my biggest hurdle atm.

  • Al Kam

    I’m going to launch my own freelance studio
    it would be a great chance

  • This software would help me with planning the work I certainly need to do as a freelance webdesigner. It would also been easy to create invoices for my cliënts. Now I all need to do that in Microsoft Exel for Mac.
    [rq=204145,0,blog][/rq]glennvanbogaert: Win a free copy of Billings 3 at

  • awesomerobot

    This would work way better than the my current method of time tracking and billing for freelance work, which often consists of checking the times on dinner receipts so I can better guess how far over the time I initially set aside for myself I went.

  • I would use Billings 3 to get my invoicing organized, I currently go into an illustrator template and do my invoices, very bad… I dislike word or any of those microsoft type programs, so this would help out a great deal.
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  • ronald

    Probé billings y me pareció un programa excelente. Espero tener suerte! =)

  • Corin

    We already use a competing billing/time tracking software… but this one looks kinda of neat… especially the google maps feature. Built in directions for collection!

  • Billings, I’ve heard is an amazing tool. I’ve also heard that it’s got a built in timer for hourly work. As wonderful as I’ve heard it is, I know that there are people out there that need it more. If I win, I’ll give it away to a needy webbie.
    [rq=210738,0,blog][/rq]Interviewing Jina Bolton

  • Not having to guess when it came time to invoice would be a major improvement!

  • William Barrera

    Hi, I wanna win this espectacular app. I tried demos of similar software, web applications too, but I like the complete experience of Billings to my Freelance business.

  • I have been freelancing for 6 months now(Very scary in the current climate) and haven’t got a decent way to track time spent on projects or a way of sending consistently styled invoices, which is really important to the professional status which I’m trying to achieve.
    With marketing(and some design) I find that I invest way too much time and the Return On Investment is skewed waaaaay too much in the client’s favour. I want to achieve a good work,life balance of which Billings would only be a very small part.
    I could go on, but needless to say, this would be a life saver. Literally!

  • Edward

    I took a big leap recently starting freelancing & this Billings software will definitely help me since I do not have any billing or invoicing software!

  • Max

    In my small business I’d use billings for the time measuring and invoicing. at the moment I’m doing this with a peace of paper and stopwatch + iWork (& a small database). it works but it’s not that comfortable.. :D