5 Awesome Articles from Web Designer Depot

Over the last year, the design community has grown quite a bit. It’s always exciting to see new design blogs spring up adding their own distinct flavor and perspective to the community. Every now and then we see a blog that really stands out from the rest and Web Designer Depot is certainly one of those sites. With nearly 70,000 followers on Twitter and about 30,000 RSS subscribers, Web Designer Depot has become one of the most dominant design blogs out there.

Web Designer Depot is not only just a great site, but they are also a fantastic member of the community who regularly advertises on other blogs – even this one. That being said, we decided to round up some of our favorite posts from Web Designer Depot.

The Difference Between Art and Design

The subject of what separates art and design is convoluted and has been debated for a long time. Artists and designers both create visual compositions using a shared knowledge base, but their reasons for doing so are entirely different. This article discusses the differences between art and design in considerable detail.


40 Excellent Logos Created with Helvetica

It’s over fifty years old, it’s the most widely used font ever, and it has recently become the subject of its own movie. We’re talking about the world’s most recognizable font: Helvetica. Its relevance in design through the years and even today seems unbeatable. The appeal for a distinctive, professional and timeless typeface has never dwindled and it keeps gaining more followers day by day. Love it or hate it, with its multitude of styles and versions, Helvetica is here to stay.


The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time

Controversial magazine covers have been used for decades to generate buzz for magazines. Some covers have managed to increase sales; others have only managed to embarrass the publishers. Either way, this post is a nice round up of some of the most controversial magazine covers of all time.


50 Beautifully Delicious Coffee Designs

Coffee or Latte art consists of the pouring of steamed milk into a shot of espresso generating a pattern or design on the surface. Latte art is a hot topic and there are even several competitions around the world showcasing this unique form of art. This article showcases 50 beautiful – and certainly delicious – coffee designs that will make you drool.


10 Ways to Launch a New Blog with a ‘Bang’

Do you want to enter the blogosphere like a quiet librarian enters a classroom, or do you want to rock the stage? This article shares a few tips that will help you to grab some serious attention for your next blog launch.


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