Proofing Your Designs Made Easy With Proof HQ

As a designer I am often presented with the same question.  How do I send proofs to my clients?  In the past, I have always relied on email; email works most of the time but if you’re like me then you know its limitations.  Some times, we work with files that are too large to email, some times client requests can get lost in the noise, and worst of all, occasionally, we email a client our design only to have them take the proof and use it without paying us.  That being said, getting approval for your designs can be one of the most important aspects of the design process.  Why isn’t there a better solution for sending drafts and receiving feedback?  Well, there is!

Recently, I became aware of a product called Proof HQProof HQ is an online solution that assists you and your clients in the proofing process.  It basically works like this; you upload your draft and select the person you want to review it, Proof HQ then takes that draft, converts it to a web-based format and then sends your client a personal link to the proof.  Once viewed, your client can then easily make comments directly on the document and then re-submit for changes.  Pretty cool huh?

Proof Page.pngBut don’t take my word for it, visit Proof HQ’s website and see for yourself.  They offer a 2 week free trial and have plenty of detailed video demonstrations to help prove how useful their product is.

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.