Textures: Wet Sand Part 4

Today I am finally releasing Part 4 of my four part set of wet sand textures.  Part 4 is probably my favorite set.  Not only is Part 4 the biggest set with 34 images, it is also the most varied of all the ones I’ve released so far.  In this set you can find lots of foam, rocks and even a little muddy sand.

Wet sand textures part 4 preview

I’ve been very pleased with the response to the textures that I have
released so far.  So far I’ve released nearly 160 textures but I’m
still not done.  I still have another 250 to go!  Thanks so much guys
and I hope you continue to enjoy these downloads!

As always, here are the rules:

  1. You may not sell these textures to others;
  2. You may not distribute these textures;
  3. Show me the end result of your work if you can.  I’d love to see what you guys do with them.

You may download Part 4 below.  Included are 34 images about 68 Megabytes.

Download all 34 images as a ZIP File.

Grant Friedman

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  • melia09

    Thanks so much for these amazing sand textures!