Win a MacBook Pro, an Xbox 360 Elite, a Nintendo Wii, and Much More!

Police issued a terrifying warning to the members of the design community at a press conference held today at City Hall – No brand is safe! This, as news comes to us that 10 of the world’s most recognizable brands have died in recent days, most of which, under suspicious circumstances. Police have refused to comment on their investigations but instead have asked the design community to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

“We are shocked and saddened by the loss of some of the world’s most loved brands. Our thoughts are with the families of those affected by this tragic chain of events and we are now investigating several leads.” stated Police Sgt. Pete Martin.

Today’s press conference comes just hours after the unconfirmed deaths of Apple, AT&T, and Pepsi and only days after Nike and the NBA were both found dead together in a bloody crime scene in the lower east side of downtown.

Several days ago we received news that Kraft Foods had been found dead after a neighbor reported a foul stench emanating from his home. Police later found Mr. Foods tied to a chair, apparently dead due to asphyxiation from imitation cheese powder. And before that Starbucks, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Best Buy were all found dead in a string of suspicious car accidents and drug overdoses.

Police believe that these events are connected and are urging members of the design community to remain calm and report any suspicious activity.

Sgt. Martin also announced a reward to anyone who offers information leading to the cause of all these tragic events. There are several ways to help:

  1. Sign up to participate in the Brand Murder Design Contest
  2. Redesign the murdered designs
  3. Solicit votes for your designs

Martin said in a later statement that who ever gets the most votes will win several prizes including:

  • Apple: 15 inch MacBook Pro
  • Microsoft: XBox Elite
  • Nintendo: Wii
  • Best Buy: $100 gift card
  • AT&T: $100 gift card
  • Nike: $150 gift card
  • NBA: $100 gift card
  • Starbucks: $50 gift card
  • Pepsi: 12 pack
  • Kraft: 3 boxes of Macaroni & Cheese




After further pressure from the press, Martin reiterated that the winner of this contest will receive ALL of the above prizes. So don’t wait, head over to Brand Murder and help with the investigation.

Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.