Win a Free Copy of Filter Forge – Comment to Win

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Filter Forge, a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. There are a lot of Photoshop filters and plug-ins out there. Some are good, some are bad and some are just plain awesome! Filter Forge falls into the “just plain awesome” category. I was so impressed with the software that I decided to contact the developers and give away a free copy on my website to help spread the word.

On the surface, Filter Forge is just a Photoshop plug-in to generate textures, visual effects, enhance photos and process images however there are 2 things that make Filter Forge unique.

  1. You can create your own filters.
  2. You get access to over 5,500 user created filters.

What I found so great about this plug-in was the quality of many of the filters in their library.  Filter Forge ships with an excellent selection of default plug-ins but you also have the ability to download and use all 5,500 user created filters for free with just a couple of clicks; and many of these filters are really awesome – no, really, REALLY awesome in fact!

To learn more about Filter Forge, visit their website and download a demo version to test it out for yourself.  In the meantime, leave a comment and enter to win a free copy of Filter Forge Starter-7.

Up for Grabs
1 copy of Filter Forge Starter-7 Edition.

The Rules

  • Leave a comment to enter.  Explain how you would use Filter Forge.
  • Only comment once
  • You must enter a valid email address
  • Entries will be accepted until Monday, January 12, 2009

Good luck and take a look at some of my favorite Filter Forge filters below.


Grant Friedman

Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author. In addition to being the founder of this website, Grant is also the editor of Psdtuts, one of the world's most popular tutorial websites.

  • Would love to win Filter Forge! The lava would match my site BEAUTIMOUSLY! Congrats to the winner!

  • I think the lava would match the expiremental nature of my new site.

  • I’d love to play with this! I’d do a lot of experimental stuff for personal edification, and if anything turned out cool, I’d possibly release it as a wallpaper on my site. The possibilities are endless!

  • If i won this filter, i’ll use it as my photoshop study tools and use it in my college job as graphic designer in my campus magazine.
    Thank you for your kindness.

  • Filters are fabulous. I’d love to forge my way forward, filtering out all bad design (and bad puns, sorry ;))
    Seriously tho, many filters found randomly online are very amateurish. The sheer level of professionalism and range of opportunity that Filter Forge offers is endless.
    I’d work (and play) with it in new ways every day; I’d love to develop a filter good enough to add to the user created filters library for everyone to use.

  • WilhelmR

    I’ll try to do the best with the 7 filters they’ll allow me to get. And post the results of course :P
    Filter Forge FTW

  • Thousands of filters? Wow, it would take a year just to get through them all — but I’m willing to give it a try!

  • Lenadro Chintalo

    Good filter.
    Greetings from Argentina

  • IN addition to being a mad engineer with the plug-in, just to see how far images can be pushed, I’d love o try and re-create that fractal plug-in I’ve been seeing on Flickr that’s PC-only.

  • I used the demo a few weeks ago and loved the Filter Forge Freepack 1 – Metals it’s on my to buy list it makes fantastic backgrounds!

  • This would be useful for experimentation and retouching for my gallery of works and personal site :)

  • Jerry

    Looks awesome. I would love to win a copy to play around with.

  • Sorry, but if I won this filter, I’m not sure what I’d do with it. But that’s the beauty of discovering new tools; you get to explore the possibilities and (hopefully) get your creative juices flowing!

  • Very sweet! I’d love to win!

  • I would use Filter Forge to help me in my quest to take over the Interwebs.

  • WOW, Filter Forge!! A must have plug-in, for all creative professionals!! I would use, and recommend this product!!

  • If I won, I would use the filters for posters, ads, promotional materials, illustrations, web sites and animations.

  • I´ll use it in my illustration work or maybe in some web designs. I´ll figure it out

  • Filter Forge has always interested me, if nothing else it seems like it could be used to generate some great texture engines rather than having to use stock texture images.

  • Ryan

    Oh my jeebus.
    I would probably use them as backgrounds for advertisements. Ads are always so boring, and textures only go so far.
    These look amazing!

  • I’ve got no excuses. It’d be another toy in my toybox. That and it just sounds really sexy!

  • Looks like a great new shiny toy to me. Eh. No, I meant ‘tool’ of course :)

  • I would use Filter Forge as a complement to my illustrations to set the mood whatever it may be. It would help to create the ambiance I am looking for to bring the viewer closer into my vision…

  • Awesome. I like it. I’ll experiment and create many high resolution textures

  • MO

    The trial version of filter forge saved my skin a while back. I was able to quickly create HD resolution tiling textures for a 3D project.
    The Filter Forge community has produced some unbelievable textures. The organic looking textures are especially useful.
    I’d use Filter Forge for everything; from environmental textures to design backgrounds.
    Great piece of software, and worth the price to save you time on projects.

  • Here at work we do a lot of stuff in photoshop that we can’t batch, with Filter Forge it looks as though we may finally get to do that!

  • Mike

    The above previews look amazing! As a professional designer I use filters everyday in commercial web and print work. These would be used on a regular basis to save time creating the effects myself, and in turn saving the client money because of less hours billed out. A win – win situation!

  • Man, seems a lot more in depth than the Custom Filter in photoshop ;) I would love to have this to create spacey, wispy nebulas and anything from our universe to my heart’s desire. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Nate

    I would love to win this. There are so many cool things I could do in minutes that takes me a lot longer now.

  • Ooooooooooooh cool!
    I`d create some awesome dark grungy filters to really mess up my crisp clean designs.
    That would be fun. :)

  • Nate Eaton

    honestly, how would I not use these filters? I use photoshop everyday to create surrealistic and hyper-realistic environments both for work and for my own personal artwork.
    Multiple filter options always help the creativity flow, and what better way to set things on fire than in photoshop instead of reality.

  • I would love this plugin to play with and see if it wouldn’t help in my quest to master photoshop.

  • CJ Kipper

    Filter Forge is Beyond! Good luck everyone.

  • lisa

    I would love to access filters that others have created and create some of my own!

  • Based on the example photos i think is the best filter for making textures. And I use many textures in my everyday work…
    regatds, zoli

  • Tim

    I could party with that.

  • Lonnie

    Awesome plug-in. Looking more into it now. Thanks.

  • Eric

    I would totally use it for evil. I’d create a filter that would open up everyone elses Photoshop and turn whatever they are working on into a black and white cloud render with a bevel set at like…1000. Take that, world!
    Or I would use it because it’s been years since I used filters. Not much demand for them anymore…at least in web design.

  • Wow. Filter Forge looks amazing.

  • jp

    As a web and print designer, obviously the possibilities for such an awesome filter would be endless. My business is roughly 2 years old, so I’m still in that, buy only what you HAVE to have stage, but I know my clients could get awesome results with those filters added to some of their pieces. One, just wrote a book called “Hell’s Harvest” so obviously, the lava looking one would be incredible. I know that whoever gets it will truly enjoy the filters!

  • D. Nettleton

    I would love a copy of these, I’m always trying to come up with fresh new designs, and new textures and patterns to use.

  • Wow, there are so many useful options that this would provide. I would use it both in my personal design work and to create freebies for the community.

  • The possibilities for this filter are potentially endless. For a beginning designer, it’s hard enough trying to master just the basic building blocks of a program as deep as Photoshop, but the addition of a plug-in as powerful as this could only unleash the full potential of the program. I can definitely see a great deal of usage for this in both my professional freelance work and personal development!

  • Wow. That looks like a very good plug-in to create website textured backgrounds. At least that’s what I would use it for. Looks like the Mac version is coming soon too.

  • Textures for me too. Those examples look awesome, and I would love to get my hands on it and see what I can make.

  • If I win, I’m giving this to @andysowards.

  • fractalfrog

    I stumbled across this plug-in only a couple of hours ago and here you are offering a chance to win a copy. Coincidence? I think not! ;-)
    No matter if I won’t win since at least I got an opportunity to use one of my favorite words – Serendipity
    (The movie wasn’t the greatest but the word…pure awesomeness! ;-)

  • I would use Filter Forge to enhance my photos, be creative, create fun things for scrapbookers, spend more time on personal projects, spread the word about Filter Forge AWESOMENESS and the great guy that gave it to me, PLUS, I would enhance my website, and maybe even get my gallery up!!
    Love your site, I just suck with leaving comments :D will try harder tho!

  • Ed

    I could really use the Filter Forge component for the Website re-do I am working on. It would give me that unique look that I am looking for.

  • Ignazio

    I would either use it for web design or generally for my graphic design projects. Maybe for a CD Cover.

  • Sverkanya

    Filter Forge looks entirely awesome. I would use it to further my ambitions of becoming a Photoshop goddess.

  • You had me at hello! ( or 5500 filters ;p)

  • Its mine, mine, mine. Don’t nobody else enter to win!
    LOL. Just kidding…. would love to have it in my arsenal of weapons to concur the world of design.

  • I would use Filter Forge to expand my small freelance webdesign operation, bring some nice design to struggling small businesses, and make 2009 look better. All the aforementioned, plus have some of my own fun making little cartoons and whatnot for my personal enjoyment; and of course, for making the ever popular windows background. and whirled peas.

  • If I won this package, I would use it for print graphics such as ads as well as web designs like flash animations. I would also use them in occasional 3d animations I do. Thanks!

  • Eric

    I love textures, I already have several full hard disks with photos of textures. But this filter seem to fill my anguish to obtain -at last !- a fine result. I work on printed and web design. And you are speaking about thousands more filters… unbelievable.
    Anyway, thanks for the tip.

  • I would use FilterForge to rule the world….and recover it with my textures….

  • I’ve seen other filters included, I like a lot the ones that make ice and some of the light, I would use it to fit in my style and give it a unique twist.

  • Tait

    This looks very like a high quality product, would love to win!

  • Kirk

    This would be perfect for a project i am doing to combine elements such as water/fire, earth/sand, rock/lava, etc. A great gallery of textures could be made with Filter Forge, for free download of course.

  • I’d love to have this package due to I’ve recently being occupied by an organisation, which works in association with my university, to design posters, fliers, website, etc. and this package will help me to save time since I’ve a heavy schedule at the school.
    I highly appreciate your effort for making our lives easier. Great job guys. Keep rocking!

  • I’d love Filter Forge to give my artworks a more professional and realistic look.


  • I would use FilterForge to further myself into textured designs – there is nothing more compelling than seeing an image you want to touch but you can’t. I will master this visual experience so that my viewers will feel the burlap with their eyes!!!

  • I’d want to try out some cool textures on photos, and also work on some Print Gocco screen designs!

  • If I won I’d be forging ahead with my designs…

  • Create your own filters? Wow – I would love to see what kind of interface is used in doing that. I like the sound of having access to so many other filters as well.

  • kashyap

    Really like the “fire” texture…would love to use this in my works! :)

  • Thanks for posting about what seems to be a great plugin for Photoshop! I’m keen to try it out sooner rather then later :)

  • I’d use filter forge to create some filters that would give me the insight to create the Unified Field Theory that physics so desperately needs. Or…maybe I’d continue to sit around in a bathrobe, eat cereal and proclaim myself Master of the Universe.

  • Filters!! Would love to win this! Fingers crossed. :))

  • I’m a student in pursuit of my visual communications degree and would love to have this tool on my belt when creating new project.

  • Max

    Ive heard of this plugin but never really taken any notice of it, I think if i won this i would just love playing with it until i found somethng i liked.

  • John Holt

    These are awesome plug-ins! They could help enhance almost any project. So the question becomes not how would I use them, but how could I not use them. Which would be impossible of course.

  • Jessica

    I would give them to my husband who is the greatest graphic designer ever!

  • Kelli

    I would love this! I would use it to work on some new design elements for our nonprofit!!! GREAT stuff!

  • hope to win…

  • Amy

    I do a lot of banners and icons. I usually use 2-5 textures/filters and patterns in each one so they are very necessary! Sometimes I have a hard time finding new and unique textures to use, so this would help me a lot!

  • Why spend a lot of money on expensive photos? With this plugin i’ll do many textures of my own, thats awesome!

  • Sue

    I’m not commenting to enter because I already own this. I just wanted to note that if you do video game development, this plugin is a must have.
    I love Filter forge.